42 Minutes Of The Turing Test, The New Portal-Style Puzzle Game

Video: Like first-person games that challenge you to solve puzzles in room after room? The Turing Test is one of those. We livestreamed it earlier, and you can watch the archive here. It starts with a cleverly-built puzzle that's not too tough, but then we hit one that stumps us badly. The Turing Test is from Bulkhead Interactive. It's out now on Steam for $US20 ($27). It's pretty good so far, though it suffers comparisons to the magnificent Portal, which has the advantage of having its own great disembodied voice talking to your character and its own great puzzle-solving mechanic. But, hey, we ain't ever getting a Portal 3. Game like this'll do.


    5 seconds after enetering the first room, my thoughts: "Put the box in the socket?".

    I'm kinda baffled that it took 6 mins before it clicked to even try that by the streamer, but that was enough to tell me two things:

    1) I'll be frustrated as heck if the progress on the rest of the puzzles is that slow, so I'm closing the video.

    2) This game looks great. Anything like portal or the talos principle is a good thing. Totally going to buy this when it hits sub $15

    I Italy want to play this! When it comes to PS4.

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