Another Sexbot Fails The Turing Test

Reporter Clive Thompson recently chatted with "babygurl01475", an Instant Messenger persona developed by someone out there to get people like Thompson horny enough to part with his credit card number. Because Clive is supposed to think that babygurl01475 is a real person who wants him badly.

Babygurl failed. Thompson wasn't fooled. But he did manage to have an interesting, ridiculous conversation with the chat/sexbot. His explanation of what the Turing Test actually is didn't seem to register with his online pal, but the rest of us, who all deal with disappointingly unintelligent virtual characters a few times a week, can learn something from it. Check out the full chat.

"Let's get this party started!" My evening talking to "babygurl01475" … [Collision Detection, via Twitter]


    To think babygurl01475 just wanted to give him a good time. Babygurl01475 party for babygurl01475.

    On the plus side babygurl01475's Nigerian boyfriend has a great deal for anyone with a bank account.

      Wow! Tell me more about this Nigerian friend of yours and his great offer..!

    I just love the url - "princessbella" - er, sounds like a twilight reference to me. Do they even know their target audience?

    lol thats all kinds of awesome!

    Geez man she said she wasn't a bot, and that your credit card wouldn't be charged, why would you possibly suspect something was amiss?

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