At This Japanese Bar, You Drink And Play In A Ball Pit

As a kid, I remember ball pits being fun. A new bar called Ball Pool Bar Dive in Osaka recreates that experience for boozy adults. [Image: nayanyanyan]

Earlier this year, a pop-up ball pit bar opened in San Francisco for two days. This new ball pit bar in Osaka, however, isn't a pop-up experience, but opened this winter full-time for business.

Dive doesn't have any tables or chairs, just a giant pit filled with over 20,000 colourful orbs for patrons to plunge into. There are all-you-can-drink rates for 60 to 90 minutes depending on the day, and the booze is served with lids so people don't spill them in the ball pit.

Man, I hope people don't get sick in the ball pit.

For information how to get to Ball Pool Bar Dive, check out its Tabelog page.


    In Australia, we usually drink and scratch our ball pit...

    Last edited 24/09/16 9:08 pm

    This is NOT video game related

    wouldn't the balls be all sticky and gross

    You'd be stuffed if you dropped your keys, but completely fine if you dropped your guts.

    That ball pit would smell balls.

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