Because Why Not Play Pong While Climbing A Wall

Because Why Not Play Pong While Climbing A Wall

Every weekend should involve a quick game of wall climbing Pong. That is, a game of Pong that is projected onto a rock climbing wall that tracks your body parts as paddles so that the ball reacts appropriately to each hit. It looks fun because you’re actively manoeuvring your body around to smack that ball of light, but also looks so silly because you’re hanging off a freaking wall and could, like, fall off at any time. The game is just one set up of the Augmented Climbing Wall. There’s a lot more games you can play while trying to scale the thing.

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    • You will never see him again, I’m sure he’s just put one of these in his house and will never leave.

  • I hate rock climbing, and pong, but I would play the shit out of this lol. A whole new level of competitive gaming with friends. And if you lose you can just climb over and kick them.

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