D&D’s Ranger Class Just Got A Buff

D&D’s Ranger Class Just Got A Buff

The ranger in Dungeons & Dragons has gotten a received a buff, following a year of complaints from players over the class’s play at higher levels.

Wizards of the Coast

“Favoured enemy” and terrain navigation are now more effective. Here are all of the changes, which WoTC stresses are “draft” changes and not meant for Organised Play events.


  • Eh… my 3.5 Ed. ranger was the mother of all power-gaming monstrosities. She could pump out upwards of 40d6 of damage with her bow. The only problem with rangers is that D&D campaigns don’t generally tend to have large wilderness sections in them (at least in my experience). You get castles, cities, sewers, ruins a lot, which isn’t exactly the ranger’s home turf.

    • Flying Fortress lands on city of Specularum unleashing a hundred fire proof trolls.
      Oard Heavy Dropship has Talak cloning facility with fifty Talak per fourty eight hours capacity and five Oard Technicians.

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