Final Fantasy XV's Chocobo Racing Looks Pretty Great

You know how there are those parts of games that are, in a lot of ways, more fun than the main event itself? That was Chocobo racing for me in Final Fantasy 7. Yes, I know Chocobo Racing was an actual game released for the PS1, but there was something hilarious about it being a distraction, an unexpected prize for your progress.

Unsurprisingly, the prehistoric birds are back to race in Final Fantasy XV. And guess what? It looks great.

The footage was shown off earlier this week during a Final Fantasy XV livestream, which Dualshockers captured and reuploaded.

The racing mechanics are largely controlled by the player, although what was shown is more of an obstacle course with hoops and barriers.

This is only early footage, so we haven't seen whether there will be full obstacle races against other riders. And even the basic quest looks pretty good as is — none of that zig-zag shuffling nonsense you had to do in FFX.


    I still have nightmares about that race from FFX....

    ...and dodging the lightning...

      This is what the game thinks of your nightmares:

      Speaking of FFX, for me, Blitzball was the main attraction, I clocked at least 100 hours alone on Blitzball in one save. Found the earliest possible opportunity that all its features were unlocked and never went past there. Even moreso than Chocobo racing in FFVII, it was the ultimate mini-game.

      Two likely very unpopular opinions: FFX sucked. Blitzball was amazing.

      Last edited 02/09/16 6:56 pm

        I liked Blitz too! Granted i only played it at first to get Wakkas celestial weapon.

    I'm so excited for this game, but there's this nagging feeling that I am about to be disappointed

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