It Costs A Bloody Fortune To Watch Naruto On Steam

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It hasn't been made available to Australians yet, but if you can access the US version of Steam then you'll be able to watch the first four uncut seasons.

Thing is, it costs a bloody fortune.

The listing appeared on Steam on the weekend, and while Australian accounts are blocked from seeing the store listing if you use this link you'll be able to see not a Naruto game, but the bonafide anime.

Well, Naruto Shippuden anyway.

Image: Steam

At the time of writing, it costs $US1.99 for each episode individually. If you're so inclined, you can purchase episodes in a bundle, much like you would a DVD. There's 17 bundles all up: four for the first season, five for the second, four for the third, and four in season 4.

Each of them cost fractionally over $US20, but we'll round off the figure for simplicity's sake. So if you wanted to watch a couple of hundred Naruto Shippuden episodes on Steam, it'd cost you just over $450.

And there's no refunds on that, by the way.

Alternatively, you could just sign up to any anime streaming service and pay their comparatively minuscule cost. If all you wanted to do was watch Naruto, you could send $US6.95 a month to Crunchyroll for their premium service. Animelab costs the same. Hell, if you don't mind watching in potato vision with some ads and English subtitles only, Animelab's free service will probably get you there.

Hell, even buying DVDs is better value. You can get the Naruto Complete Collection from JB Hi-Fi for $380, with delivery for another $1.69.

Yeah, no thanks Steam.


    Does it have achievements?

      You watched 300 episodes of Naruto.....congratulations!?

        common man, there like 1200 episodes.

          220 Original and at the moment 475 for Shippudden with 5 more till it finishes.
          One Piece is nearer to your silly figure with nearly 800.

            Don't forget Doraemon, which finished a few years back painfully close to 1800 episodes. Or if you don't mind vignettes, Sazae-san is ongoing with around 7500 6-minute episodes, continuously since 1969.

            Last edited 13/09/16 8:23 am

      "Survived the Filler!: 10 points"

        Watched only the fillers!: 120 points

    Or you could google "watch naruto online" and pay nothing

      A lot of people actually don't mind paying for a service to support the content creators of things they enjoy, others are cheapskates. Different strokes and all that.

        Normally yes but your argument is invalid due to the fact you can watch it free legally and have been able to for ages. Why pay money to Steam when Crunchyroll has it and tons more for free? And even if you wanted to pay money for it, again why pay Steam a ridiculous amount of money when you can subscribe to Crunchyroll for less per month than it would cost you to watch 5 episodes on steam.

          Sorry I might not have been clear. I'm not opposed to watching it for free on crunchyroll etc, they use ads to support their content. My comment was reply to the suggestion of just googling "watch naruto online" and using websites that don't support their industry.
          Also definitely don't agree with steam pricing, it's obviously ridiculous.

      Tried doing that with Adventure Time once to catch up on the series. The players on those sites are riddled with popup ads, ads through the show, connections to random sites while playing and the odd trojan. Not a pleasant experience. But yeah, so expensive!

    If anyone really wants to watch Naruto, I'll always suggest this:

    Fan edit to try be as close to the manga as possible. Has some issues here and there with subs disappearing or the language switching over but for the most part it's way better then watching through hundreds of filler episodes.

      Oh man I didnt realize they did a Naruto Kai that will save some precious time. - fixed

    Naruto Shippuden is 475 long. One Piece is nearing 800.

    All of Naruto is on Crunchyroll anyway and only the most recent episode of the show is behind a 1 week paywall so yeah, you can literally watch it all for free already.

    Point of order though: the linked DVD collection at JB is for the original Naruto series. Steam's selling Shippuuden, which is the sequel.

    Leaving aside the Crunchyroll-shaped elephant in the room, the other downside to buying 'season' packs is that you end up paying for shitty, shitty filler. About 50% of the show is utter crap.

      Aside from a few cringe episodes here and there, I didn't mind Naruto's filler. Bleach was the far worse offender, because not only was it filler, it was terrible filler. The Bount arc was just awful.

        The problem with Naruto's filler is that it's so irrelevant and there's just so much of it. The show has terrible pacing as it is, but getting 2-3 episodes of story content then four or five filler episodes building out the tortured backstory of random Mook #154 is immensely frustrating. I'd almost rather a longer filler arc just because you know you can stop watching for a cour or two.

    Been watching them through

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