New Hitman Level Snarks About Donald Trump

New Hitman Level Snarks About Donald Trump

Hitman released its fifth episode today, dropping Agent 47 in Colorado to infiltrate a farm compound turned militia training facility. This game has some amazing NPC dialog. But what do these NPCs think about the US presidential election?

Hidden in the compound, one militia man talks about a presidential candidate with a “famous hairdo.” The fictional Trump stand-in seems to be faring better than his real world counterpart as seen in this video by Kitschy Kitty:

“The guy seems so well composed,” the NPC notes. “And has such a fine, academic way to use his arguments.”

The entire episode plays upon the imagery of the siege of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon earlier this year, wherein armed militiamen held the land for 40 days, spurred on by the belief that the federal government lacked the authority to claim public lands.

This is not the first time that Hitman’s made fun of Donald Trump. An NPC in the Bangkok level mimics the candidate’s blusterous mannerisms, even going as far to say “I could make my country great again!” before talking about urinating on people’s heads and getting away with it because of “who I am.” You can see it in this clip by DannyonPC:

I don’t know much about this fictional fellow the militiamen are talking about but he sounds a lot more presidential than the guy from last night’s debate, that’s for sure!

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