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Hitman Developers Set Up New Swedish Office

Hitman Developers Set Up New Swedish Office

IO Interactive became an independent studio back in June 2017 after a painful split from Square Enix. Following the release of Hitman 2, it appears that the Danish studio are on the up and up and have opened a new office in the Swedish city of Malmö.

Hitman 2016 Taught Me A Better Way To Play Hitman 2

Usually when I play a single-player game, I go through it from start to finish. I play each new level after the last one, until I stop playing or get to the end. That’s not how I played 2016’s excellent episodic Hitman, however, and it’s not how I’m playing its…

‘Ghost Mode’ Is The Name Of Hitman 2’s 1v1 Multiplayer

Who’s the fanciest assassin around? Hard one to test among friends because of, you know, ethics and morals. So, short of doing something utterly abhorrent, IO Interactive’s Hitman 2 is the next best thing, allowing you to go toe-to-toe with another person in something called “Ghost Mode”.