Free Hitman 3 Update Lets Agent 47 Terrorise A Tropical Island Full Of Pirates

Free Hitman 3 Update Lets Agent 47 Terrorise A Tropical Island Full Of Pirates

Hitman 3‘s Ambrose Island update just dropped, set on a sprawling, jungle-covered island infested with pirates.

How fitting. As Hitman 3 fans already know, dead men tell no tales.

Set before Hitman 3‘s climactic finale, Agent 47 finds himself on the way to Ambrose Island. One of Mr. Grey’s fixers, a man named Crest, has gone rogue, styling himself as the leader of a gang of international thieves. They’re not exactly craftsmen, prone to smash-and-grab jobs that leave a trail of evidence and destruction in their wake. Ambrose Island, located off the Strait of Malacca, a heavily trafficked shipping lane between Malaysia and Sumatra, is home to a pirate syndicate. Crest has joined forces with the syndicate to raid a passing tanker making its way north toward the South China Sea. An important piece of satellite technology is being quietly transported on the tanker, and if Crest can get his hands on it, he’ll use it as leverage.

With Providence on high alert and their numbers dwindling, 47 will need to be careful. Taking Crest out will signal to Providence that something is up. An alternative is locking him out of the satellite’s systems altogether and leaving him high and dry.

But there’s another target too: Akka, the leader of Ambrose Island’s pirate syndicate, presents an opportunity to cover 47’s tracks. With an active ICA contract on her head, Akka’s demise would provide the perfect cover. Make it look like Crest wasn’t the primary target and Providence will breathe a sigh of relief. Diana will also have her expenses covered, the blood-soaked cherry on top.

Ambrose Island is big and presents numerous opportunities for murder and subterfuge, from ramshackle pirate camps to dense, humid rainforest. The update is free to all owners of Hitman 3, so you don’t need to own any special edition or season pass to access it. The content is part of Hitman 3‘s Year 2 content calendar which continues to drop free updates and levels for the game on a regular basis.

Developer IO Interactive is continuing to support Hitman 3 even as work begins on its much-anticipated James Bond game, Project 007. Not much is known about that game just yet, but given Hitman‘s globetrotting spy-vs-spy credentials, fans are extremely interested to see what IO can do with it.

Hitman 3‘s Ambrose Island update is available now on all platforms.

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