Samsung Is Telling Note7 Owners To Literally Turn Their Phones Off

Samsung Is Telling Note7 Owners To Literally Turn Their Phones Off

It’s safe to say that Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 dramas aren’t over. The biggest launch for a Note phone in Samsung’s history has now become their biggest smartphone recall, with more than 50,000 Australian owners affected.

And should you happen to be one of those 50,000 Australians with a Note7, Samsung has a piece of advice. Turn the phone off, don’t turn it on again, and take it back to the shop.

In an official statement provided to Gizmodo, Samsung says that courtesy replacement devices will be made available to affected users from tomorrow. In the interim, they’d like you very much to “power off your device” and use, well, anything else until you get a replacement.

Here’s the statement in full:

Samsung Electronics Australia is today taking the proactive and voluntary step to recall 51,060 Galaxy Note7 smartphones. The recall is in response to the recent announcement by Samsung Consumer Electronics global regarding isolated battery cell issues with the Galaxy Note7 device.

Samsung Electronics Australia advises all customers who use a Galaxy Note7 smartphone to power off their device, return it to its place of purchase and use an alternative device until a remedy can be provided. Customers who have purchased a Galaxy Note7 from Samsung are entitled to a new Galaxy Note7 (and a courtesy device until replacement Galaxy Note7 stock arrives) or a full refund.

The delivery of a replacement Galaxy Note 7 to customers is expected within three to four weeks. Alternatively, customers who have not purchased a Galaxy Note7 from Samsung can approach their place of purchase to discuss their remedy options.

“The safety and ongoing satisfaction of our customers is our top priority,” said Richard Fink, Vice President IT & Mobile, Samsung Electronics Australia. “We know our Galaxy Note7 customers are our most loyal customers and we are taking a proactive approach to support them. We are asking customers to contact Samsung or their place of purchase to arrange a suitable courtesy smartphone or refund.

“Courtesy devices will become available from this Wednesday (September 7, 2016).”

Galaxy Note7 smartphone owners can visit the place of purchase of their device or call Samsung Customer Service on 1300 362 603 or visit

Those who picked up a Note7 from Samsung’s carrier partners — Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, Optus and Telstra — will get contacted by them as well, but you can also go through your telco’s customer service if you’d like.

But even if your Note7 has been working trouble free, Samsung would still like you to turn it off. And maybe don’t plug it into the wall either.


      • The comments here are often pretty lovely. Except when someone wanders along and mutters stuff about conspiracies and goes on a tantrum, but it’s a lot better than when you get an iPhone/Android war flaring up.

        • Yeah I hate the iPhone/Android wars and refuse to engage. Nobody acknowledges that the other side might have a valid opinion, so it turns into a giant yelling/trolling match which I have no time for. Besides, I own one of each and so I know for a fact that those dumb iPhone hipsters are talking total bullshit!

        • *dons tinfoil hat* Conspiracies I tells ya! Conspiraciiiiiiiiies!

          Seriously though, YEARS ago I was on the android side. But now, I have an android phone, own an iPad and gladly sit in the area of ‘tech lover’ where I don’t care about brands, just tech. The worst thing I think is blindly taking sides.

          • Yeah if someone asks me what I think is best, I tell them to go try them out and see what you think fits/makes sense. At the end of the day the only difference is the operating system and what you like better is your own preference. No right answer here. I have to carry one of each (personal android, work iphone) and at the end of the day, if I had my choice I’d go the droid, but not going to sneeze at either if I was given one…

          • Nah, the worst part is having people ram their unwanted opinion down your throat even though you weren’t looking for an argument anyway.

  • A blessing in disguise for Samsung as purists know that it wasn’t selling as well as previous notes (due to the spec robbery and other factors) which is why they jumped at the chance to recall them due to low sales (quick and easy recovery), and they also get to avoid releasing poor sales figures on the Note7 in the coming months because they can bury it with an announcement about the recall.

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