Stardew Valley Is Getting New Buildings And Locations

Stardew Valley Is Getting New Buildings And Locations

I know there’s still plenty of time left in the year, but for me it’s hard not to point to Stardew Valley as one of the unqualified successes of 2016, indie or otherwise. But while the game might have sold over a million copies in the space of what seems like bugger all, it’s far from finished. The first major content patch is just around the corner, and its creator recently talked about everything that’s in it.

PC Gamer took some time to interview Eric Barone, the sole developer behind Stardew Valley, at PAX West. He outlined what’s coming in the game’s 1.1 update, including a whole range of new locations, farm buildings, and most importantly, the ability to marry Shane and Emily.

A lot of fan feedback has been incorporated; you’ll be able to add honey into mead. Barone also confirmed that Stardew Valley should be launching on PS4, Xbox One and Wii U by the end of the year, with multiplayer set to be added into the game in 2017.


  • Yesssss! I’m going to romance the crap out of that grumpy bastard and add him to my (literal) stable of lovers.

  • I’ve only just started playing Stardew Valley recently and I got a bunch of wheat together thinking I could make flour (it’s in the description, for pete’s sake!) and was surprised to find no Mill building available.

    My prayers have been answered.

    • Just beer/animal feed it for now. Or store it and wait for the update.

      Personally I’m hanging for the ability to make coffee and speed round everywhere

        • Year 3 for me, but I go back only when the bug bites me. Been hanging for this update for a while because I want to see what new goodies are being added

  • Looks like I’ll have something to play over the holidays on my Wii U in between mini NES games!

  • sorry im going to be that guy but is it released on osx yet?

    To answer my own question, just checked out the steam page and it is. Looks like i will be checking this out tonight.

  • I still never completed everything you could do in that game…and it’s one that made me want to get every achievement.

    When the new update comes out sounds like a good time to dive back in.

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