Summoner's Rift, Then And Now

Image: Flip/Youtube

In over a month, it'll be the seventh year since League of Legends launched. And over that time, Summoner's Rift has risen from obscurity to be a battleground where careers rise and fall, and tempers flare and simmer.

But the map's undergone some massive changes over that time, both visually and mechanically.

YouTuber Flip has put together a neat before and after video showing the evolution of the map, both graphically and and after its remake a couple of years ago.

As the League of Legends gets updated, it'll be interesting to see if more updates (graphical or otherwise) are rolled out to Summoner's Rift as well.


    Wow, judging by that first picture, the game's really changed a....actuall, not much at all, really.

    Amazingly well done video. Amazing to see how the look of the game has transitioned.

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