The Custom Game Boys I Wish Nintendo Made


I'm all for retro games, but the ease and convenience of playing emulated versions (like the NEO GEO Humble Bundle) or mobile remakes is too easy to ignore. That said, if my Game Boy or aging console looked like this I'd be ditching the emulator quick smart.

The Metal Slug skin of the Game Boy Advance is one of the latest works from Vadu Amka, a graphic designer and painter who repairs and customises damaged consoles from Brussels in Belgium.

Image: Vadu Amka

It's not just consoles that get a bit of love, however: Vadu has also given custom paint jobs to cartridges, controllers, as well as a full range of t-shirts, prints and more.

Images: Vadu Amka

Some of the work to the consoles and controllers is exceptional, like this older, moss-covered skin for Tomb Raider.

If you'd like to purchase a working Metal Slug Game Boy Advance for yourself, good news: Vadu's store does ship worldwide. The downside is that it'll cost you €199, or $290 excluding shipping.

On the bright side, the artworks and prints are a hell of a lot more affordable. Shame my apartment is basically decked out in wallpaper from the 1970's that stops me from putting anything up on the walls. Might make a good Christmas present, though.


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