Zelda Controller Is The Hero Of Our Time

Console modder extraordinaire Vadu Amka has turned a Wii U Fight Pad into something that looks like it could wreck Calamity Ganon himself.

Image: Vadu Amka

Image: Vadu Amka

I cannot stress enough how good that moss is.

Image: Vadu Amka

There's a lot more going on here than just a paint job. The body of the controller has been resculpted, while the plastic D-pad has been replaced with a metal one. And those straps are made of real leather.

Image: Vadu Amka

Here's a video of the thing being moved around so you can see it from all angles:

You may remember that Nintendo actually released an official Zelda-themed Wii U Fight Pad. It looked like this:

No moss.


    Personally I'd much rather own the one Nintendo released.

    As a collector's item, sure. As an actual controller to use? No thanks. With that said, I always have wondered, like many other people, why Nintendo completely abandoned the GCN controller design. It was such a damn good controller.

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