When A VR Anime Demo Has Too Much Fondling 

At this year's Tokyo Game Show, there is a VR experience in which players touch a mannequin set-up that uses capacitive sensors. The developers now say after a day on the TGS show floor, those sensors are busted. [Interacting with the VR demo on the Tokyo Game Show floor. Image taken by Famitsu | Mixed by Kotaku]

The first business day of TGS, this was going on:

And in motion:

Yeah. The character is Isla from Plastic Memories, and according to Famitsu, this demo was only slated to be offered during the two business days and not during the public ones.

The point of the demo was for folks to interact with the character in the virtual space, with the mannequin making it possible to touch the character, causing her to react.

But yesterday, the developers announced that they were truly sorry because they discovered the previous night that the contraption was no longer working, and that it wasn't currently possible to use the touch sensors.


    Can't wait until things go so far that fondling a virtual person will get you in trouble with the law.

    Just as it said in the title....I like some good ecchi style fan service in my computerized entertainment but this really is TOO MUCH...

      No fun allowed huh? If fondling an NPC is too much then I'd really like to see the rap sheet from playing GTA.

      I'm sure it will be triggering to someone, somewhere... Just like that dude who was harangued just because he wore a Donald Trump hat to uni. "You can't wear that here: it's a safe space!" LOL.

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