World Of Warcraft: Legion Progress Report: Ever Questing

Three weeks into World of Warcraft's Legion expansion, and I'm still logging into my Druid every day to go on adventures. It's nice when daily questing doesn't mean doing the same quests every day, isn't it? The idea of dailies, repeatable quests players perform every day in order to grind reputation and earn faction-exclusive gear, never really took with me. I got caught up in it once, years ago, during an event where a phoenix mount was on the line, but outside of that I've just halfheartedly pawed at them. They were grinds, pure and simple.

Legion has transformed dailies into world quests, special missions and objectives that pop up when you wander into their area (or purposely go there). Some are kill X of Y. Some are take down so-and-so-boss. Others are checkpoint races, or platforming challenges, or — and this one was my favourite so far — squirrel wrangling. I wrangled squirrels.

So while I am still doing dailies, I am doing far more exciting dailies. Dailies that regularly offer special rewards for completing them, rather than a set amount of reputation and a "come back tomorrow".

And that's pretty much been my week. I finished off my Druid Order Hall quest line, which ended with a simple quest involving something like winning the War of the Ancients. You know, easy.

The War of the Ancients. Piece of cake.

I continued the Illidan Stormrage quest line, following the infamous villain's relatively rapid descent into evil. In a playable quest I unlocked only days ago, I got to play him as he went from grumpy to mass murderer in under 20 minutes. It was pretty impressive.

Gotta crack some eggs, kids.

Plus I've been gearing up for Mythic dungeons. This is embarrassing to admit, but I'd never even done a Heroic before this past week. I was worried that I would get into a group, under-perform and be ridiculed or kicked out. I was worried for nothing, it was a piece of cake.

Getting there.

As for the artifact mania of those opening days, that's completely behind me now. I don't need artifacts for my Priest, Paladin, Death Night or Monk.

She's called Take Out, cause she takes demons out. Maybe on dates.

OK, maybe the Monk.

I think we're good here. All that's left is a final review, which we'll get to soon. For now, I've got a couple Monk levels to grind.


    It has been much more enjoyable than expansions of late. The world quests model is excellent and offers plenty of potential for additions - in fact they are adding more on tuesday along with raids. I especially enjoyed the Kirin Tor ones - puzzle cubes and item hunts.

    Did my first mythic yesterday as a holy priest. Violet Hold. Definitely keen on Mythic+, might just gear up a bit on the other mythics first. A close friend is killing it as an outlaw rogue. Will be starting a raid group next week with my RL friends to get stuck right into it, if anyone in the kotaku community is interested there's room for more!

    Not particularly fond of the 12-16 hour facebook missions playing a compulsory part in the main campaign and artifact progression, but Legion has impressed me enough to accept this. Not to mention it is the smoothest launch I have seen in any of their expansions.

      There's also the companion app for Android & iOS that lets you access your class hall missions when not logged in, it's pretty handy!

        My partner uses the app extensively! Unfortunately my main purpose would be to use it whilst I am at work, but I rarely get the chance to do anything on my phone at work so it kinda doesn't help :(
        Besides, my gripe is with how it is the only way to progress through the campaign and unlock your third relic slot - even if you have the time to play, it's gated behind a series of 12-hour missions. Wouldn't mind too much if I had only one character, but I have 12, sooo.... Ahh well.

          I hear ya there, I have no time to be on my phone at work, it would be nice if I could though :P

          Ooh so that's how I get that.. I honestly had no idea. I haven't played enough end content it seems, dang work.

          I don't mind the mission board but the problem I'm having is order hall resources. Once you get to higher levels your spending 12k+ and the ONLY way to get enough of them is the world quests. So as you and I are similar with 12 characters, doing world quests is going to seem a grind after a while. The need a steady income of order hall resources or missions which give resources so world quests will not seem like a grind. It has the potential to seem like more "work" than garrisons if your an altaholic.

            Apply having 12 characters to anything though and it all becomes a grind...That's what you get for having so many alts.

              I never felt that in WoD. 12 characters was easy. The early signs of grind are there in Legion making it have the potential to be worse than WoD.

              There is a simple fix though. The mission board just needs a resource gathering mission ... just enough to tick over alts doing missions. That's all. Nothing more. With the right balance, the issue would be resolved.

                Maybe their idea of balance is to not enable people to just run alts through missions without playing them otherwise? What's the point of doing missions on alts if you aren't playing them? You need the world quests for other things as far as I understand (only level 101 so not there yet).

                In WoD you could gold farm by just doing the missions on alts, this could be their way of preventing whatever benefits you could get from having a large amount of alts doing missions.

                  I'd be happy to substitute to gold missions for resource missions. The gold you get from mission boards pales in comparison to the trash loot you get off mobs. I can empty my pack of junk and get 1k+ gold and I tend to empty often (you can do that if you have a mammoth or yak mount).

                  One of the biggest problems in WoD was how easy garrisons were. Effectively free resources and gold for less than 5 minutes a day per character, they were havens for people with a dozen characters. They recognised that it was bad design and changed the way order halls work accordingly. They now require considerably more setup effort and you can't just self-sustain through the missions, you have to actively play.

                  This is how it should be, in my opinion. If order hall missions gave order hall resources people would just spam the missions through the mobile app and acquire gold and items without ever even having to log in, let alone actually play the game.

                I think the problem you're missing, is WoD. There was quite literally nothing to do in WoD but garrison missions and raid - it was devoid of any content, that's why you could have 12 alts.

                Anyway, after all class hall upgrades are done (trivial amount of resources), once again there's nothing to do with them in any great volumes.

            are you playing / planning to play all 12 characters significantly?

            I've hit 110 on my pally, hunter and shammy in addition to my druid and I just don't feel like I'm in a rush to research the higher tiers of my order hall.

            if you murder an elite world quest you'll get 500 to 900 resources which is enough to cover the several missions necessary for your order campaign. this is fairly doable if you a) play during prime time or b) use the group finder (not LFG). there also a lot of "easy" missions that gives something like 300 to 400 resources (e.g. I did one yesterday where I was a wisp helping ?trees? grow for 400 resources)

            I kind of just rotate who I play daily unless it's the weekend then I spend a chunk of my time doing WQ for all characters

    Yeah heroics and mythics in this expac are pretty easy as long as people are geared/competent. Nothing in comparison to the WOTLK heroics. Those babies were stressful as to tank even when geared when they were first released. Hoping the release of raid content and mythic plus will inject some difficulty into the game.

    At the moment just finishing off the last of the achievements for the Glory to the Legion mount.

      In particular with tanking WotLK, there was the requirement to meet the minimum defense stat in order to not be critically hit, yeah. I do remember tanking being more stressful then, not to mention threat generation was only 1/3 of what it is now.

        Dont attack until i have put up 3 Sunders(warriors) , 5 lacerates (druids), My diseases (DKs) 5seconds (paladins)

          Hahaha. This. Tanks didn't do nearly as much damage as dps either, so it was either this or tricks/misdirect. The Omen mod was actually useful back then!

      Are you sure you don't mean TBC heroics? Wrath ones were quite easy, with basically no need for CC or anything, just a series of plain trash pulls. Even the stat requirements for tanks in Wrath was distilled down to 'stack stamina'. TBC heroics on the other hand were brutal, there haven't been dungeons that difficult since.

        You're not wrong there. Tanking heroics as a warrior got up to Starcraft levels of APM.

        Yeah...TBC heroics were hard at first anyway. I remember speed running them later down the track, commonly took between 10-15 mins to clear each one.

        Stack Stamina + have a min defence req + have rubbish aggro on a DK and have to build up aggro before people attacked and even then still lose aggro here and there.

        Regardless, Legion Mythics are easy as piss. Already got the Glory to the Legion hero achievement and that was barely even trying for it.

          Can't say I ever had a problem with threat in any of Wrath (as prot warrior), except for the occasional crit chain on pyro-POM-pyro mage openers. 3x Sunder was a nice safety net but in practice it wasn't often needed.

          Uncrittable wasn't hard to get, especially if you combined both defense and resilience to flush crit off the combat table. With base defense giving 4% on the table, a tank only needed an extra 1% to be uncrittable in heroics (or 1.6% for raids). The problem with Wrath's combat is it was built around slow, heavy hits that trivialised the fights for any combination of a tank with stacked stamina or a healer who could read fight rhythms easily.

          In any case, current mythics are the equivalent of heroics from previous expansions. Right now they're as easy as Warlords heroics were with a heroic T18 group. Mythic+ kicks in on the 20th and that's where your difficulty will be coming from going forward.

          Last edited 19/09/16 8:50 pm

    im level 105 and i have no idea if im on the main quest or not, this is boring as hell.

      Each zone has its own story line. The main quest is to get the pillars of creation to try and stop the legion. You get one pillar at the end of completing each zone. If you open up your quest log you can see how many chapters in the zone you've completed, this is a quick easy way to see if you've finished the zone or how far away you are from getting a pillar of creation. Each chapter is roughly 10 quests

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