Battleborn Gets Its First Story DLC Today

Fans of Battleborn's story operations that are sick to death of playing the initial set of scenarios get a reprieve today with Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion, a retelling of the third Thrall uprising with a little film noir flair. Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion is the first of five new story operations promised for Battleborn, and speaking as a player it's about damn time. It feels like forever ago that I handed the controller to my nephew and let him beat the original set of story operations for me, probably because it has been forever, dammit.

Available today as part of the $US19.99 ($26) season pass or $US4.99 ($7) by its lonesome, Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion gives solo and co-op players interesting things to do as they collect two new skins for every released character, six titles, three taunts and Faction Commander packs.

Most importantly, it isn't any of the eight story missions we've been playing over and over again since launch. You can read more about the DLC at the Battleborn website.

Along with the paid DLC, Battleborn also gets a free new multiplayer mode today. In Face-Off, teams of five players are tasked with killing Varelsi in order to collect and deposit their masks. As with any collect and deposit mode, if enemy players kill you before you make a deposit, they get your stuff. As the 15 minute matches progress the Varelsi get harder to kill, boss fights happen and everything basically goes to hell.

Sounds like a hoot, plus there are new buildable fortifications to erect and new enemies to fight, which is always a plus.

All this, plus the game's 29th hero should be dropping within the next two weeks. I'm looking forward to a massive surge of players eager to try out the new content. Well, massive in a relative sense. More than 20.


    Anyone know if this has the same rubbish as the character packs whereby only the original owner of the Season Pass gets the goods unlike every other content on the Xbox? I like to keep my purchases on a separate account to the one I play on, one less thing to be compromised, but because Battleborn is special, I can't do that.

    Its also on-sale on steam, but its apparently going free to play soon so.....

    I am sure the whole 400 players will welcome this new content.

    Wow so many bitter people here, content releasing for a game is generally a good thing. I for one enjoy this game.

      Totally agree, this game is so cheap right now that I think I'm going to buy it along with the season pass.

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