Foxtel Wants You To Watch The First Episode Of Westworld For Free

Well, colour me shocked.

Foxtel is letting Australians watch the first episode of Westworld — the full episode — on its website right now.

No sign up. No charge. Nothing. Just head to the website and you could be watching Westworld with one single click.

Head here to watch.

This is so interesting, and smart on the part of Foxtel. It might be the coolest thing they've done in years. Westworld is a well talked about show with a lot of buzz. Now that we're three episodes deep, why not let people get a taste for free.

It's also a good chance for people to decide whether the show is for them.

Give it a watch!


    How much does it cost to actually watch the series via Foxtel?

      $46/month for SD, another $10 if you want HD.

        Surely you cant be serious, 56 bucks to watch the series in HD? I am lost for words.

          No, $56/mth is the minimum to get a HD Fox package that has the channel they show it on.

            So not a great deal less extortionate.

              great deal if you put it into context of how much television you get for that money, dont want to pay that for one show then wait a year for the bluray and it will cost you $60. shows of this quality cost money, dont pay it, just dont expect to see it without breaking the law. its amazing how many people use the word extortion, and even funnier some who use it are quite happy to steal the show and they say foxtel is guilty of extortion.

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                We can't still be having this conversation.

                  of course while people still think they deserve free or cheap tv, like its a necessity equal to fresh water so they steal it, yes, always. you have a CHOICE dont pay Foxtel what they want and wait and buy on bluray a year later or wait a month or two and get from itunes.

                  @blakeavon Consumerism is amoral. Without trying to dissect whether theft of an infinite digital product is the same as the theft of something more tangible and finite, the more important thing is, if "people (let's specify and say "the market") think they deserve" a cheaper product, then that becomes truth. Either Foxtel have not adequately advertised the true value of the product they are providing, or they are overestimating how much someone will pay for said product. Either way, consumers will not play ball.

                  This argument never gets anywhere because people project their personal values onto others then get angry / frustrated when the other person does not follow those values. You might think the idea of stealing this content is indefensible, but others do not. For me personally, i'm not of the opinion that I am entitled to this content, I just think the risks of having said content spoiled for me by waiting for a reasonably priced alternative outweigh the risks of an illegal digital download of said content.

                  I used to download music all the time, constantly (I say this as someone who makes and releases music myself, released for free of course). Then Apple Music got released and suddenly I found a service / product that made stealing music less appealing than paying for it. Since then I haven't downloaded anything. People want to pay, but they will not entertain feeling ripped off.

                  Foxtel has taken their sweet time learning the 21st century lesson that you cannot keep content away from people, right or wrong, they will find a way to get it without you. The best thing you can do is give them what they want, exactly what they want, nothing more or less, for a reasonable price. Better to make less than nothing at all.

                Yeah, that was me failing basic English comprehension. I actually meant to say "exhorbitant".

                It's been a long day/year/life.

                You seem to be undermining the reality of the issue by arbitrarily replacing it with your own assessment.

                  you seem to be making the assumption you are correct, hang on why is YOUR reality the real one? There is this little thing called opinion in life. There is no one correct one.

                You can get it much cheaper direct from HBO. Then they will actually get more money. I highly doubt Foxtel pays them per view.

          Sub to HBO Go or whatever their online service is. Then watch it with a proxy/DNS redirector or pirate it.

        The fact that HD isnt standard yet is a bad joke :S

          That's what I was getting at, why charge an extra 10 bucks for HD

    Man I miss Westwood.

      I still listen to Hell March every now and again for nostalgia...

      ... damn those were some mighty fine games.

        I only saw the first Red Alert at my cousin's place, started with Tiberian Sun myself before getting RA2 so the RA2 Hell March is the "normal" one for me. Apparently it's weird and wrong to others like @transientmind :P

    Classic pusher tricks.

    Football season being over means I am effectively not using the Foxtel service for what I bought it for, so stuff like this is designed to try and snag at least a small crowd so they become life-long subscribers.

    I'm not one to join in on the Foxtel bashing and probably won't until I see this new year deal or set-up for myself. Axing Presto and actually giving a hoot about streaming can hopefully only mean good things.

    It's Foxtel's to lose. As per bloody usual.

      Axing Presto?! But I'm subscribed to Presto!

      EDIT: Just read the news. Oh boy, looks like I'm switching to Netflix then... So long Foxtel, and thanks for all the fish.

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    I watched the first 3 for free already, sorry Foxtel

    Considering the first episode of any show will always hold a hook to keep you wanting more... no thanks. I'll wait for the blu-rays.

    And never watch them, going by my track record. :P

    Already watched the first 3. Sorry Foxtel please just die already

    Last edited 19/10/16 4:33 pm

    Any article title that is suffixed to the word 'Foxtel' sends me into a blind, disproportionate rage and usually ends up with me smashing my head through the screen.

    You owe me a new computer, Serrels.


      Suffixed is when it goes at the end.

        No, my syntax is right. The Article title starts with Foxtel, therefore, the article title is suffixed to the leading word, 'Foxtel'.

    Ah Foxtel my old chum, I don't even download movies or shows any more, but I'm willing to make an exception for you.

      so you are willing to break the law for someone you dont like... madness, what next pirate something like Transformers because you dont want to pay money. i can think of nothing worse, how embarrassing. hehe

      Last edited 19/10/16 7:58 pm

        But, but,'s Foxtel though.

        I'm willing to do anything to get it through to them, once and for all, at risk of prison time (I'm 5'11, they will eat me alive!) that I don't want Foxtel.

        Maybe then they will stop sending people to my house.
        I would answer the door naked if I thought it might scare off them off, but I honestly think they wouldn't skip a bloody beat.

        Whats with the massive chip on your shoulder dude? Its the size of Tasmania.

    Don't do it

    Foxtel Wants You To Watch The First Episode Of Westworld For Free

    And I'd like a date with Kimberly Davis. Not gonna happen yet is still miles more likely to happen than Foxtel's current bait and switch working.

      mmmm Kimberly Davis... then again a never ending pack of timtams is just as good

        I had actually forgotten about that ad! Thanks for the reminder, :9

    Most surprising thing is that they learned something, new TV show Alanta did this same thing except through youtube where it bought teh ad space and you could skip it anytime but it was the whole first episode of their show. Work amazingly well and this method is different but they are learning albeit, slowly.

    Heroin dealers use the same trick. Only it's less damaging to society.

    I don't care for TV personally, but after watching the first 3 episodes while bored and quiet at work yesterday I immediately text my sister asking for her foxtel go log in details so that i can continue watching it on my ipad/ phone.

    The show itself interests me so much. It kind of reminds me of dollhouse, but not terrible and with a massive budget

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