Here Are Overwatch's Halloween Skins, Available Now

Overwatch just dropped some spooky-scary Halloween skins that will be available for the next three weeks, starting right now. The new "Overwatch Halloween Terror" seasonal event offers the gorgeous skins, along with some themed profile icons, victory poses, sprays emotes and highlight intros, inside glowing jack-o'-lantern loot boxes. Over 100 seasonal items are now available. Overwatch's Halloween Mercy

Along with Overwatch's seasonal event comes the game's new (and first) co-op PvE brawl, "Junkenstein's Revenge":

Team up with three other players and face off against a host of eerie enemies, including Dr. Junkenstein himself, Junkenstein's Monster, the Reaper, a mysterious witch, and a host of shambling zomnics. . . Heroes will need to work together and develop strategies to withstand wave after wave of zomnic attacks. Will you be able to keep your cool when Junkenstein's Monster appears?

Check out the trailer here:

The skins, though, are the real treat. Overwatch fan site Overpwn leaked them just this morning, but below is the full gallery. We're obsessed with Skullyatta, witch-Mercy, headless-horseman Reaper and Junkenstein:

Overwatch's Halloween Zenyatta

Overwatch's Halloween Ana

Overwatch's Halloween Soldier 76

Overwatch's Halloween Bastion

Overwatch's Halloween Hanzo

Overwatch's Halloween Pharah

Overwatch's Halloween Symmetra

Overwatch's Halloween Zenyatta

Overwatch's Halloween Reinhardt

Overwatch's Halloween Mercy

Overwatch's Halloween Roadhog

Overwatch's Halloween Junkrat

Overwatch's Halloween Reaper

Exciting stuff here. Thrilling, even. Just look at darling Pachimari, happily boiling away in a cauldron:


    I'm actually underwhelmed by the efforts of Blizzard for this event, not too much to it in terms of new things for the characters

      They built an entirely new game mode for the brawl that people have been asking for for ages (co-op), how is that an underwhelming effort?

        A game mode that also doesn't cost anything, skins that can actually be purchased with coins, over 100 items for the event, running for a few weeks.... Yeah, Blizzard are just bastards.

      I do at least appreciate that Junkrat's costume makes him look a lot like Rick and Morty's Rick Sanchez.

    I'm so pumped for this. Never have I wanted to throw my money at something so superficial so hard!

      Sad now, cant connect to any games... Killed my enthusiasm... Regret the throwing of money... 1/10

    In a normal world, this would be DLC that you could buy for $2.95 each or thereabouts. In this post-micro-transaction-steam-skin-gambling-RNG world you pay $2.95 (or grind for a couple of hours) to have a couple of chances to "win" the skins... Shameful.

      so let me get this right, you get something for FREE. but in order to get the loot from this FREE event you can this play the game. However if you have spare money you can CHOOSE to buy something that others get for FREE.

      The fact this time we can pay gold to get them if we want, means that the devs have listened to us and trying to meet the two worlds half way.

      Personally I think loot boxes should be random rewards, not just strictly at the end of each level, but in no way are people forced to gamble this time round. They may be enticed to gamble but not forced sorta like the summer games.

      PS what you call grinding is called playing the game to others.

        I think the point was more that in the past you just bought the skin outright, these days the standard is to randomise it. When dealing with ingame cash, its not so big a problem, but when its funded with real money it can get expensive for something thats just cosmetic.

        Its also gambling, something various authorities arent too keen on.

        Sure it's not grinding if you aren't trying to achieve anything.

    You can buy them, but they're really expensive.
    I'm a bit underwhelmed by these skins, apart from Reaper.

    No Winston skin, awwwwww.

      So the skins are purchasable with in-game currency, unlike the Summer Games skins?

        The Polygon article says you can buy them with gold but the epic skins are like 3000 coins.

          3000!? ouch. That's brutal. I have 1000 saved up and thought i might pick up the Reaper one. Noooo bueno. I think the Roadhog one is the best but I already have the Mako and Tribal legendary skins for him so it would be a bit redundant.

            Roadhog one is the best, but I'd also like the Soldier 76 skin or the Reinhardt skin. I also have just over 1000 saved up. Time to get playing I guess...

              I have the Blackhardt skin for Rhiny which I think looks marginally cooler than the Halloween one so I'm safe there.

              Soldier 76 I agree - the skin is cool - but I have literally never been him. Level 80. Never been Soldier 76 outside of the training part when you first switch the game on. Cant justify 3000 hard earned coins with that amount of playtime haha.

              I am eagerly awaiting when they update it so you can change skins in the loading screen. Zeynetta is my jam and I have quite a few cool ones for the dude.

                Only the Legendary skins (Junkrat, Mercy, Roadhog and Reaper) are 3k overcoins. The other skins seem to be just epics, so they would cost 750 coins each.

    No Tracer one is a huge fail for me, especially after (sadly) the amount I dropped to get her summer games skin. Non of this are very interesting or enticing. Except for the Mercy one, oh my...

    Cant wait to go home, shame you can play as anyone in the horde mode, the four characters you can be are just so lackluster and uninspiring. (for me any way)

    Last edited 12/10/16 9:23 am

    What about Mei :(

      It isn't fair, she's had enough and she wants her share... But seriously yeah, why no Mei outfit?


        A Satan skin would've been perfect for her, even moreso if it changed her ice powers to flames! ;)

      no skin but she has a cute emote, where her freeze bot thing is dressed as a ghost and scares her. So very cute.

      Last edited 12/10/16 9:31 am

    Good timing, I just hit 100 over the weekend and back at 1star level 5 now, earning xp to level and get loot boxes is really easy again. (e.g. average 2 games win or lose will level me currently)

    Last edited 12/10/16 11:38 am

      damn you. I'm at 40 something and leveling takes forever

    Well that was a whole lotta nothing.

    Seriously though, already booted the comp this morning to download the patch in readiness for tonight, can't wait.

    Yay for being about to buy the skins with coins this time. Even if the mercy skin is 3000 coins.

      If only there were some way to buy coins instead of random loot boxes. I would so do that but you can get stuff if you think I'm about to play the lottery.

      The Mercy skin is 3000 coins?


    Most of those skins look amazing, I hope I get some!

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