I Have No Idea What To Make Of 100ft Robot Golf

Image: Youtube

You ever have those moments when you finish watch something and your brain just refuses to respond?

Welcome to 100ft Robot Golf. It's out this week for PS4 and PSVR, but the part where you'll start to care is the robot bit.

Imagine Gundam hooked up with Neon Genesis. On a golf course.

And there's still a game of golf going.

And the McElroy brothers are commentating the whole thing while robots belt the snot out of each other and the course.

This seems like madness.

I'll probably buy this. It's out now on PSN for $29.95. Here's hoping the golf part of the game holds up.


    Been waiting a while for this but Tom Braider takes precedence.

      I always thought Jeb was the more talented Braider brother.

        Well....I don't get jokes.

    This is the sort of thing that'll end up on Playstation Plus in 12 months.

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