New York Comic-Con's Cosplay Was Incredible

Whether it was at our party or at the show itself, this year's Comic-Con had some absolutely fantastic cosplay on show. Here are some of the highlights.

I've got as many credits as I can for these, but if you see someone (or are someone!) who's missing let me know and I can add it.

Before we begin, though, a special shout out to Rebecca Lindsay's Mystique here, which just blew everyone away on the showroom floor. Genius.

Cosplay by Rebecca Lindsay

Cosplay by Rebecca Lindsay | Photo by Cosplay in America

OK, now onto the rest. I'll be adding shots as they come in and people return home, so if you've got (or have seen) anything awesome let me know!:

Cosplay by Unknown | Photo by whitemike40

Cosplay by Unknown | Photo by CTRexPope

Cosplay by milhouse21386

Every time these guys ran into a Joker cosplayer, they'd scream "Boss!" EVERY. TIME. #nycc #nycc2016

A video posted by GIZMODO (@gizmodo) on

Cosplay by Yalda | Photo by MISSIONFORTYSIX

Cosplay by oldmasterluke | Photo by Jon Reino

Cosplay by Unknown & megsterrz

Cosplay by turnpike1337 & Unknown | Photo by MISSIONFORTYSIX

Cosplay by Extreme Costumes | Photo by Kotaku

Photo: Getty

Cosplay by Unknown | Photo by Getty

Photo by Ritchie S

Photo by Ritchie S


    I mean most of these are pure diamond, but the award goes to the 1989 Joker Henchmen for actually 'living' it :D

    You missed the best one of all, Aldrich Devourer of Gods complete with buttworm from Dark Souls 3.

    (Spoiler alert: Yes, that is the reanimated body of Gwyndolin)

    There was a really good Yellowfinger Heysel as well:

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