Samsung Galaxy Punishes TSM In Second Meeting At Worlds 2016

Samsung Galaxy Punishes TSM In Second Meeting At Worlds 2016

After a tough fought forty five minute match that left everything on the table, South Korea’s Samsung Galaxy came out on top against North America’s Team Solo Mid.

Every time TSM looked to have accumulated a meaningful advantage, Samsung would slowly dismantle it. Every time Samsung looked like they had the game under control, TSM would pull themselves up by their bootstraps and take a team fight they had no business winning.

Samsung Galaxy Punishes TSM In Second Meeting At Worlds 2016

It was Kang “Ambition” Chan-yong who drew first blood in the opening minutes and helped solidify a nearly 1k gold lead for his team early on. However, superior laneing by TSM meant they were able to out-farm their opponents and keep Samsung’s advantage from growing. While Samsung are experts at pushing the advantage and snowballing when give the early lead, TSM fought their way back into the game time and time again.

Unfortunately, it was this same zealousness that was also their undoing, as Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng and his team kept overplaying their hands after scrounging together small victories. One push down center lane after the thirty minute mark was particularly painful to watch, as Doublelift scored one kill after another only to find himself unnecessarily burst down by an enemy ultimate he had forgot to account for.

Samsung Galaxy Punishes TSM In Second Meeting At Worlds 2016

In the end it was superior vision across the map and making fewer mistakes that allowed Samsung to eventually force TSM into submission. This leaves Samsung at the top of group D for now, with matches to follow on the hour for the rest of the night, available to watch live here.


  • Might have been nice to mention what game this was about at some point in the article. I’d never heard of SSG and I know TSM plays several different games competitively. Didn’t figure out it was for League until the title card of the YouTube video at the bottom.

    • Less a case of lack of communicating the point, more the way it was communicated could be interpreted as vague. “Worlds 2016” in the title meaning league of legends in the same way “The International” refers to dota or “The World Cup” refers to football (actual football) or “Superbowl”and so on.

      I do think you are right though and it could have been clarified in the opening paragraph 😛

      • I did some reading after and eventually found League likes to call their world championship that, yeah. I’ve heard a lot of world tournaments called ‘worlds’ the same way you hear national tournaments called ‘nationals’ so I originally read it as just an abbreviation for a world championship, just had no idea of what.

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