The First Photos Of The Live-Action Bleach Movie Shoot

Set photos aren't typically flattering. They don't show the slick, polished image that a trailer does, and instead, give a behind-the-scenes peek. Keep that in mind when looking at the first set photos for the live-action Bleach film. [Images via 2ch]

The shoot was near Sagami-Ono Station in Kanagawa Prefecture, and the images were recently uploaded on 2ch, Japan's largest bulletin board. They show actor Sota Fukushi in costume, dressed as the protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki with rather normal-looking hair. Bleach creator Tite Kubo wrote that he was worried about the character's hair, but it looks like the movie isn't going with full-on orange.

[Image via 2ch]

[Image via 2ch]

[Image via 2ch]

[Image via 2ch]

[Image via 2ch]

[Image via 2ch]

And here are images from Twitter (some also appeared on 2ch):

Hrm. Thoughts?


    Jesus, that guy is way too small to play Ichigo. Like, waaaay too skinny.

    i hope they do something about that sword because right now it looks like some very cheap cosplay

    Ichigo without orange hair? Lolwut?

    Its one of his major traits.

      I haven't seen a Japanese person be more orange than that.

    If this is right, (pictures doesn't seem right) I wonder who they will cast as Rangiku Matsaumot (if I can spell it) ( potentionaly NSFW image (being the nature of her character)

    Last edited 05/10/16 2:10 pm

    So ironically, Bleach is one film that doesn't suffer from white-washed casting.

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