Watch The First Live-Action Bleach Teaser 

[GIF: Warner Brothers Japan]

There's going to be a live-action Bleach movie, and just as the on-set photos showed, it will feature vaguely orange hair and a ridiculously large sword. It's Bleach, so what do you expect?

As previously reported, Bleach creator Tite Kubo wrote that he was worried about the character's hair, but the shed chosen for actor Sota Fukushi looks similar to the hue some people in Japan sport.

The 20-second teaser doesn't show much, but there is a darkly lit close up of Fukushi's face.

Ichigo Kurosaki's enormous sword works in the manga and the anime, but in the life-action film, it might look unwieldy. Seeing an action sequence would provide a better idea of that.

The Bleach movie will be out winter 2018.


    I know I know its a crap anime/manga but gawd damn im going to watch this!

    I know it's a teaser, but it didn't show enough for me. Will definitely watch though as I predominantly enjoyed the manga & the small bit of the anime I saw.

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