A Better Look At The Live-Action Bleach Movie


    Grand Fisher looks odd, seems to be missing the lure

    granted this is a short teaser

      Do you mean the one he cut the arm off? If so that wasn't the Grand Fisher, it was the hollow from the first episode.

        oh right the teaser is meant to be the first encounter.

        Grand fisher is who killed his mum (spoiler? lol) and he encounters it later. his first encounter is just some random hollow

          Yeah, that's right. It's been a while but I think the Grand Fisher encounter is while he's at the graveyard with his sister.

            yes! because he visits annually and on the visit after becoming a shinigami he noticed something odd

            now I feel like rewatching bleach haha

    Love bleach.
    Was hoping that the music after he transformed was same as anime ;)

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