A Board Game About Dodging Melbourne Tram Fares

This is pure genius.

It's Touched On: a tabletop game about fare evading on Melbourne's Tram network.

I relate to this game so hard.

The basic gist: you are dealt a number of 'Fare Evaders' in the form of cards. You must get rid of these cards. You are also dealt 'Inspectors' who have the power to dole out fines.

The game is currently in development and has just hit Kickstarter. If you donate $48 or more you get the board game, the booster deck and a pair of these incredible socks, in the style of Melbourne's tram seats.


And dear lord, this excuse got me:

When I first moved to Australia I lived in Melbourne and I once used my Scottish accent to great effect when my broke ass got busted travelling on a train without a ticket.

True story: this excuse actually worked.

You can find out more about Touched On here


    Having been in Melbourne recently, I think fair evasion is less of a deliberate act and more a futile one.

    How the hell am I even suppose to get my MyKi to the conductor if I have 10 bodies (two of which maybe dead from suffocation) on top of me?!

    Last edited 22/11/16 4:42 pm

      What conductor? You touch on at the little card reader panel thing (which is also probably 10 bodies away from you).

    Why yes, I did just spend $40 to get those socks, got a free board game out of it as well.

    This game is doomed. Anything that slightly hints of Melbourne public transport blows the budget by half a billion (with a B) dollars and gets delayed by five years ...

    Last edited 22/11/16 8:24 pm

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