Essential Fallout 4 Mod Turns The Toilet Paper Around

Immersive Toilet Paper is a mod for Fallout 4 by jet4571 and Elianora which takes the game's existing toilet paper, which is facing the incorrect way, and turns it the correct way. Thus making the game, as advertised, more immersive.

If roll-facing-the-wall was the default position for an entire society's toilet paper, then they deserved to die in the fires of the apocalypse.

You can get it here, with the fix applying not just for your home at the start of the game, but every other functioning toilet in the game as well. And yes, there's a homemaker version included.

Via @AlmightyBoob


    Someone please give this man all of the awards for everything, ever.
    There is no way to explain just how deeply it triggered me to see it the WRONG way all of the time.

      Does this count as DLC? This is my DLCOTY vote. It would be my paid DLCOTY vote also.

    I’m always scared that someone will unwind a wrong-way-around toilet roll and tear off as much paper as they need, then unwind just enough for the first wipe on the end bit, then roll it back onto the roll and leave it as a sneaky trap for the next person.

    Actually, someone needs to make a mod that allows you to do that to Preston Garvey.

    Thank God, it was LITERALLY UNPLAYABLE until now.

      Exactly! I don't understand why this hasn't been included in an official patch yet.

      Last edited 30/11/16 6:25 pm

    I have never given a standing ovation before but this would be the only reason I start

    more immersive
    Totally read that in MxR's voice.

    he finally made a mod to turn the paper.... the wrong fucking way around.

    it's endlessly cringeworthy to know that there are people in the world who get wound up about toilet paper direction.

    It was backwards?

    Strange, I don't remember my girlfriend working on Fallout 4...

      Dump her. She will never change and you will keep F#CKING TURNING IT ROUND FOR F#CKING-EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...this I know.

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