Find Dragon Balls With This Dragon Ball Radar

In Dragon Ball, there is a tracking device that makes finding, well, Dragon Balls, so much more easy. Now people can own one.

[Images: Bandai]

Of course, this isn't a real Dragon Ball Radar, but it does look like the one Bulma made.

[Images: Bandai]

It's apparently a quality replica that also beeps, plays music and makes sounds. You can enjoy finding Dragon Balls with it, but not real Dragon Balls.

[Images: Bandai]

You cannot find those. Sorry.

The Dragon Ball Radar is priced at 10,800 yen ($132), with pre-orders starting this month in Japan for a March 2017 release.


    132 bucks for something that does not work! TRIGGERED!

    looks like it could double as a whiskey flask lol

    It could at least do something useful like find geocache.

    Last edited 23/11/16 11:47 am

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