Meet Dragon Ball’s Mysterious New Character

Meet Dragon Ball’s Mysterious New Character

Dragon Ball Z fans won’t just get to play as iconic characters in the upcoming Dragon Ball Xenoverse game — they will also get to play as a new character introduced by Bandai Namco. In fact, you’re looking at him right now.

While Bandai isn’t releasing too many details about the new character, they do say he might “rewrit[e] DRAGON BALL history as we know it.” Hence why you can see him during classic Dragon Ball moments he was never originally in, like the one above. I think it’s kind of neat, though I’m curious as to how this character will change stuff.

What do you think? He kind of looks like Gohan to me. Maybe they’re related? Who knows. But if you’d like to speculate, here are some more screenshots:

Meet Dragon Ball’s Mysterious New Character
Meet Dragon Ball’s Mysterious New Character
Meet Dragon Ball’s Mysterious New Character
Meet Dragon Ball’s Mysterious New Character

Dragon Ball Xenoverse will release sometime in the future on the Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and 360.


  • At first I thought it was Gohan as “Super Saiyan God” given the potential Gohan held in the series (Exclusing GT, because GT is an abomination). The first image with Trunks makes me think it might be true since that clothing for Trunks does not exist in any Dragon Ball series, movie or special. I’m thinking this is Gohan from a future where the Androids never existed and everything is fine and Gohan never met Vedel so he was able to reach his full potential…. Plus it could help promo the release of “Battle of the Gods” if the timing is right.

    • Nah, a Super Saiyan God has more distinguishable features, like red eyes and glowing red hair. The Trunks shown there is from Dragon Ball Online and is call Time Patrol Trunks, he is the grown up version of the main DBZ timeline Trunks. This new character is just that, a new character.

    • Nice, but somehow I doubt he is any of the existing characters in the future or alternate timeline. He is wearing a scout which is a dead giveaway that he can’t originally sense Qi.

    • The version of Trunks you can see in the image does actually exist within Dragon Ball, but not technically in the series or any of the movies or specials. He’s Time Patrol Trunks, a character who appeared in Dragon Ball Online (a MMO that was written by Akira Toriyama and retcons GT out of existence), who travels back to a period of time 216 years after the end of Dragon Ball Z (called Age 1000) and recruits player characters to stop a new big bad (Miira) from manipulating events during the Z-era that will allow him to rule the universe in Age 2000. Time Patrol Trunks is actually Future Trunks after he went back to his own time and defeated Cell, but found that the time paradoxes caused by his time travel pissed of the Lord of Time, so now he works under him in order to protect the flow of time.

      tl,dr: That is Time Patrol Trunks, who is Future Trunks from further into the main timeline’s future, who travels back to the past to fix said future. My guess is that the new character is likely to be a (probably customisable) stand-in for what one of the playable characters in Dragon Ball Online was, and they’re just telling a similar story in Xenoverse.

  • A mash up of piccolos cape, trunks’ jacket and that god mode from the new movie. Yay another time traveling descendant because nothing says success like trying to change years worth of established story unnecessarily………….

    • As opposed to a studio requested sequel (GT) or Saga (Majin Boo) that the creator never wanted to do?

      Remember that Battle of the Gods was created by Akira Toriyama and he made Super Saiyan God to screw over Super Saiyan 4 from GT.

      • Um……Battle of the Gods was also studio requested. The original script was created by Yusuke Watanabe and Toriyama liked it and helped craft it in to a screen play.

        He also never disliked GT or the Boo saga. He wanted to end it there because his schedule working on the manga and anime had left him very little time to pursue other projects and he was happy to leave the series in the hands of the studio.

        I never liked GT myself, but never saw a reason to play in to the weird purity fandom surrounding it and their need to omit the creators feelings on it.
        The same people then tell me to watch Kai since it’s “closer to the manga” even though Kai is completely studio produced without Toriyama’s direction at all.

        • GT was pretty much completely studio produced except for Toriyama helping design one or two characters.

        • Here’s a link that basically backs up what you’re saying in regards to the helping hand Akira Toriyama gave with GT:

          However, while Toriyama doesn’t hate GT, his works since then ignore it from a canonical standpoint. Dragon Ball Online (which Toriyama contributing to and supervised the story and art design) initially ignored GT because the team only had the license to continue on from the Dragon Ball manga (including the equivalent Z-chapters), but Toriyama has since stated that he considers DBO to be a true continuation of his work, unlike GT which he classifies as a ‘what if’ side-story, with DBO overwriting events that took place in GT. The newest film (Battle of Gods) also ignores it while taking place in a similar time period (5 years after the end of Z), and is considered by Toriyama to be canon with the anime (he’s been cagey about whether he also considers it a continuation of the manga). “Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!” (the OVA featuring Tarble; Vegeta’s younger brother) is a bit up in the air as to its canonicity, despite Battle of Gods referencing it directly, but that’s neither here nor there. 🙂

  • I reckon it’s a player made character so that we can be “in” Dragonball.

  • Kinda looks like Gohan going all Kaio-ken with the red hair and shiz
    regardless of who it is, he does look pretty cool

  • Looks like Gohan.
    Has Capsule-Corp clothes like future Trunks. (with Piccolo’s cape)
    Most likely he’s a future descendant of both Goku’s and Vegeta’s lines.

  • I didn’t realise before, but with looking so much like Gohan and the Capsule Corp. clothes I think this is may be a fusion of future Trunks and future Gohan possibly.

  • Well I would guess it is your own custom character implanted into the DBZ universe. But maybe that is me being hopeful.
    Xeno means combination which would imply fusion? In which case looks like Vegeta and Gohan wearing Trunks’ outfit

  • Considering his clothes and hair look much like other character’s, I think he may be a result of some kind of in-game character creator, and the screenshots are showing the possibility of the player using their own character.

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