Report: Third Version Of Pokemon Sun And Moon Coming To Nintendo Switch

Report: Third Version Of Pokemon Sun And Moon Coming To Nintendo Switch

A third version of Pokemon Sun and Moon, code-named Pokemon Stars, will come to Nintendo Switch in late 2017, according to a new report.

The folks at Eurogamer, who correctly reported concrete details of Nintendo’s next console well before it was announced, say that this will be a third version of the same base game, like Pokemon Yellow was for Red and Blue. We’ve heard the same things separately from our own sources. Eurogamer adds that Pokemon Stars will use better quality assets than the 3DS versions, as the Nintendo Switch can output at a significantly higher resolutions.

Pokemon Sun and Moon both launched for 3DS yesterday.


  • This intrigues me, but I’m worried it will be like one of those full price PS4 games like Final Fantasy Type 0, that look comparatively crappy, feel cheap despite cost and end up unplayed.

    • Nintendo are generally pretty strict on quality control. Pokemon spin-offs get a little more leeway than most but I can’t imagine them letting a main series game that will probably carry the weight of their new hybrid concept come up short. I mean this is probably going to be one of two or three games that Nintendo plan to use to legitimise the Switch’s portable aspects in the minds of the general public.

  • Finally. I’ve only been asking for this for a decade or so. That seals it for me. I was going to buy a n3dsxl and one of the versions, but now I can just wait for the Switch. Very happy to hear this.

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