Skate 3 Comes To Xbox One BC, Still No Word On Skate 4

Skate 3 is coming to the Xbox One's backwards compatibility program, in part thanks to renewed interest in the Skate series as the result of an inexplicably loud movement for Skate 4.

This news comes attached to the one-year anniversary of this backwards compatibility feature, which allows Xbox One owners to play any of the supported Xbox 360 games by simply popping in their old discs (or buying them on the Xbox store, when possible). It's a system that puts the PS4's lack of backwards compatibility to shame. Some 280 Xbox 360 games are available. Still no Skate 4, though.


    Currently $17.97 (or $14.97 if you're a Gold subscriber) on the Xbox Marketplace if you don't already own it.

      Or it's in the EA Access vault, if you're subscribed to that.

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