Skaters Are Pushing EA Really Hard To Make Skate 4

Skaters Are Pushing EA Really Hard To Make Skate 4
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The Tony Hawk reboot last year confirmed what a lot of people felt: the skateboarding video game genre wasn’t quite what it used to be. It’s why, for instance, EA hasn’t really been particularly fussed about making Skate 4.

But skateboarders would really like EA to make Skate 4 anyway, and they’re trying to start a social media movement to make it happen.

The campaign is being pushed by The Berrics, a privately owned indoor skate park, website and community originally based out of Los Angeles. And to them, Skate 3 was an essential video game. It was their way of skating when their bones were broken, a way of relaxing when their bones were broken, the skies had opened or they were simply too bruised to continue outdoors.

Join the movement. #SKATE4 #MAKEeaSKATEAGAIN

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“Here at The Berrics, we’ve always prided ourselves on being a bridge for skateboarders to access your favourite pros, and moreover, to guard that bridge as representatives of skateboarding to any industry attempting to cross,” The Berrics argues. “We ask you to cross the bridge to take EA head on, as we stand to echo the voice of the people.”

Aggressively lobbying EA now is an interesting move, considering the series has been dormant since the turn of the decade. And it seems to be a largely Instagram-focused push too: the MakeEASkateAgain account has around 11,500 followers. Fans have also been spamming replies on EA’s recent Instagram accounts with the hashtag, or by tagging in photos about remaking Skate 4. There’s an active campaign on Twitter too, undoubtedly helped by the 280,000 or so followers The Berrics have there.

It’d probably be more likely that EA would remaster the Skate series — or Skate 3, at least — for the current generation of consoles. EA’s Patrick Soderlund revealed recently that the company was actively looking into remasters, although prospect of a remastered Mass Effect was off the table.

A remastered Skate 3, however? I could see that selling quite well. God knows there’s a bunch of skaters out there who would be keen.


  • God please yes. I did an ollie once and then almost broke my wrist and that’s the extent of my skateboard experience but I really want another Skate. And I’d be stoked with PC ports or ports to current gen for 2 or 3. Skate 2 with skate 3s move set.

  • Fuck your remaster. The People want a REAL sequel.

    Every time there’s an article about Skate I usually post about my thoughts on what features the sequel could have, but I’m too busy this time and it’ll only make me upset.

    • Hell, they could make it in episodes and you have to pay for each new area of the map as they release it and I would buy the ever loving SHIT outta that.

      …and I HATE DLC.

      • I think that’d work really well. It’s one of those games I want to keep installed on my hard drive and have a reason to go back to it every couple of months. Even if the environments weren’t that large it wouldn’t matter. I had so much fun playing with the original demo and that was tiny.

    • A proper sequel would be great. I always figured they wouldn’t do it because it couldn’t be a yearly franchise, which ofcourse it doesn’t have to be.

  • If it has all the features they took out of Skate 2 and sold back to us as DLC, I’d be happy with a remaster. And hopefully your location appears on the map this time to encourage exploration instead of having to fast travel everywhere because you couldn’t tell where you were.

    It had so many problems as a result of a rushed yearly release schedule, but I still loved it.

  • I’ve put up tweets every three months for the last 2 years aimed at EA asking for skate. to come back. Absolutely my favourite sports game ever.

  • I’d love a Skate 4. The remaster idea makes me wonder if that’s why the game hasn’t received BC on the Xbone though.

    MS showed the game early on hinting it for BC and they actually patched the game a few weeks back which made people think it was coming, but it just hasn’t shown up.

  • The frustrating thing is this game is perfect for this generation. Sharing, clips, screen shots, challenge achievements, etc. Microsoft should have had EA make a skate game to launch with the XBOX One and showcase all that stuff that nobody used.

  • Ryan McCaffrey from IGN does this monthly podcast where he interviews gaming industry people, the most recent one was Peter Moore from EA. He had some interesting comments regarding Skate 4 near the end of it I think it was, when Ryan asked him about their recent mention of remasters –

    “Look, there is a lot of people that want skate 4, there’s a lot of people that want fight night to come back. We’re a 34 year old company that has thousands of pieces of IP around the world – Road Rash! – if you allow yourself to take the easy road, to go do something here – and again, not to diss remastering great franchises, but there are so many opportunities, and there’s an opportunity cost…”

    He goes on further about remasters, but that quote was something I found super interesting. I honesty think it is on the cards over there. If they can get enough of an audience together…? Who knows.

    I’m also saying this as someone who has never played a skate game and wouldn’t be stressed one way or the other if they did make it, so yeah.

  • Some great games that EA could bring to current consoles that have been forgotten a little include SSX series, Fight Night, NBA Street, Fifa Street, Medal of Honor, Army of Two and of course, Skate.

  • Could be so awesome, especially now Birdman and his buddies have been released from their purgatory at Activision. Legends versus Young blood would give it enough of a story to keep things interesting, without detracting from the sweet gameplay.

  • Skate 4 would be kewl … I skateboard for a living and i loved skate 2 and skate 3.. I think EA would make hella money off making a skate 4 …..theres so many skaters around the world… That live and support …

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