Skaters Are Pushing EA Really Hard To Make Skate 4

The Tony Hawk reboot last year confirmed what a lot of people felt: the skateboarding video game genre wasn’t quite what it used to be. It’s why, for instance, EA hasn’t really been particularly fussed about making Skate 4.

But skateboarders would really like EA to make Skate 4 anyway, and they’re trying to start a social media movement to make it happen.

The campaign is being pushed by The Berrics, a privately owned indoor skate park, website and community originally based out of Los Angeles. And to them, Skate 3 was an essential video game. It was their way of skating when their bones were broken, a way of relaxing when their bones were broken, the skies had opened or they were simply too bruised to continue outdoors.

“Here at The Berrics, we’ve always prided ourselves on being a bridge for skateboarders to access your favourite pros, and moreover, to guard that bridge as representatives of skateboarding to any industry attempting to cross,” The Berrics argues. “We ask you to cross the bridge to take EA head on, as we stand to echo the voice of the people.”

Aggressively lobbying EA now is an interesting move, considering the series has been dormant since the turn of the decade. And it seems to be a largely Instagram-focused push too: the MakeEASkateAgain account has around 11,500 followers. Fans have also been spamming replies on EA’s recent Instagram accounts with the hashtag, or by tagging in photos about remaking Skate 4. There’s an active campaign on Twitter too, undoubtedly helped by the 280,000 or so followers The Berrics have there.

It’d probably be more likely that EA would remaster the Skate series — or Skate 3, at least — for the current generation of consoles. EA’s Patrick Soderlund revealed recently that the company was actively looking into remasters, although prospect of a remastered Mass Effect was off the table.

A remastered Skate 3, however? I could see that selling quite well. God knows there’s a bunch of skaters out there who would be keen.

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