Skate 3 Servers Have Quietly Come Online Again

Skate 3 Servers Have Quietly Come Online Again
Image: EA

Is it happening? Has the internet finally succeeded in its mission to Make EA Skate Again?

Earlier this week, a YouTube video uploaded by X7 Albert showed a Skate 3 with its servers fully back online, restoring access to features like team lobbies, community parks and community videos.

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The unexpected move has fueled speculation that EA is preparing to announce Skate 4 at E3 this year. Previous indicators that Skate 4 may be in development, like a mysterious tweet from an EA community manager last year, have thus far led to nothing, but this could be the year it finally comes together.

Skate 3 started to lose online features around 2014, and despite a huge increase in demand leading to reprints in 2014, its servers were shut down entirely in 2016.

Even if this move doesn’t result in a fabled Skate 4 announcement, it’s kind of nice just seeing how excited the Skate fanbase are to relive old online stomping grounds again.

We’ll find out whether or not Skate 4 is coming at the EA Play event this weekend.



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