A Reminder The Game Boy Camera Was A Complete Trash Fire

I never had a Game Boy Camera, but I sure as hell wanted one.

No idea why. It was a terrible, pointless camera at the time and it's even worse looking back.

This video is amazing. It's photos from a 1998 vacation, taken on a Game Boy Camera, printed on a Game Boy Printer. It's insane. It's difficult to even guess what some of these photos are supposed to be.

Without the descriptions I'd be completely lost.

But at the same time there's a weird charm about the photos. I imagine being old, stumbling across these photos and being transported back. The things you thought were interesting, reflected back through this insanely primitive technology.


    I remember when the camera came out when I was a kid. got massive hype at school but only the rich kids could afford it or the big kids who beat up the rich kids.
    It was only recently I picked up a camera and printer on ebay for $10 and I did some disassembling to see how it worked, how far we've come :P

    "insanely primitive technology."

    lol, yeah.. may as well have carved these in to a wall with a rock amirite?

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      think someone hates me here at kotaku :(

      probs a weeb so no loss.

    'trash fire'? seriously??

    Yeah the camera itself wasn't great, considering it was displaying on technology from the late 80s, but with the right light some pics did work pretty well and it still had a whole bunch of mini games and extras, you could make point and click style games in Hotspot and short aniamtions that you could save if you had a Super Game Boy and a VHS.

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    As a 12 year old I got a Gameboy colour + camera bundle (achieved by my brilliance in selling my Pokémon trading card collection to a rich kid on the bus!)

    I distinctly remember taking pictures of my friends and adding a pig snout (awesome Photoshop options on it!). Then I remember getting it confiscated after one of the girls I put a pig snout on cried :(

    I got it back at home time with strict instructions to leave it at home...

    Ah nostalgia...

    Also: watching this vid I cant help feeling that the pictures are a lot worse for their being printed... I think these looked a lot better on the screen - but it could be rose-glasses...

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    You really had to play with the contrast and brightness settings to get the best pictures. I booted mine up a few months ago. I still think that the pictures are pretty decent. The printer was what made them as mess. Plus it was suited for indoor photos. I use to print the pictures from Link's Awakening Dx now that was cool!

    I always wanted but never got a printer, but man did I love me the GameBoy Camera. I loved playing the games with low-res photos slapped into face-holes, and I especially loved the music maker. I spent hours playing with making music. I've actually been meaning to dig mine up to make some more music.

    I had my GB Camera with me at the first PAX (part of the costume), and took a whole load of photos which I then put up as a blog entry. Which I'd totally link to right now but the site just recently went down :(

    But yeah, GB Camera's awesome. And I still want to figure out how to rig up a triple camera system to get a colour capture thing going on.

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