Full Throttle: Remastered Finally Appears

Here’s our first look at Full Throttle: Remastered.

It looks pretty much exactly how I would expect a remastered edition of Full Throttle to look, which, not complaining! It will be out next year, at which point we can collectively suss out whether or not the bulk of the game holds up as well as that amazing intro sequence.


  • Awesome can’t wait! Day of the tentacle was great on my Vita :).

    I remember playing the original along with other great LucasArt published games back in the 90s on my dads Macintosh LC575

    • If anyone is interested, the album ‘Bone to Pick’ by the Gone Jackals which had most of the in-game music for Full Throttle is available on itunes.

  • I’m hoping they let you switch between old and new style like DOTT, it looks a bit too ‘clean’.

    I wonder if they’ll fix that stupid ‘kick the wall’ puzzle too

  • Smile = All over my face. Great news! Loved revisiting Grim Fandango but this is even better.

    Full disclosure. I really loved Curse of Monkey Island too. Even though it’s not thought of in the same ilk as the first 2, I’ve tried to get it running on my modern pc many times. Still have the CD!

    • I love COMI. Fun script, good puzzles, great voice acting, excellent game. It’s a little low-res these days, but still one of the most beautiful 2D games ever, and I think the animation is still the best 2D animation I’ve seen in a game.

      If you’re struggling to get it running, ScummVM will sort it out (on your phone, too, if you want): https://www.scummvm.org/

      Basically you just copy all of the files off the 2 CDs into a single folder and point ScummVM in their direction. Some files are duplicated across both CDs, but it doesn’t matter which one they come from (so just ignore them when your computer prompts you about them).

      Full details on the required files: http://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php/Datafiles#Curse_of_Monkey_Island.2C_The

  • I’d love to see a remaster of Sam and Max Hit the Road too. I guess that one is a bit more unlikely though, given that Lucasfilm owns the game but not the characters.

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