Demon Throttle Is So Old-School It’s Skipping A Digital Release

Demon Throttle Is So Old-School It’s Skipping A Digital Release

Devolver Digital returned to E3 2021 with another polarising look inside its bizarre offices. Between the skits and the swears, the company showed off Demon Throttle, a new Switch game from Gato Roboto developer Doinksoft. The twist? It’s only available as a physical purchase.

Yep, you read that right. When Demon Throttle launches next year, you won’t be able to just hop on your Nintendo Switch and grab it with a few clicks in the eShop. In a decidedly old-school move, Demon Throttle will only ever be playable via a nasty-tasting Switch cartridge. The game, both by itself and part of a collector’s bundle, is currently up for reservation through Special Reserve Games, but there appears to be a bit of a wait as folks rush to grab a copy for themselves.

As for the game itself, Demon Throttle features beautiful pixel art graphics and gameplay reminiscent of classic scrolling shooters like Ikari Warriors or Pocky & Rocky. It’s goin’ real heavy on the NES aesthetic, complete with a simulated composite video filter and perfectly distorted voices.

Demon Throttle tells the story of a beautiful vampiress and dusty gunslinger on a quest for vengeance against a demon that stole her mystical chalices and slept with his estranged wife,” Devolver Digital’s press site reads. “Now the two unlikely companions must blast their way through four monstrous generals and their wicked domains to lift the demon’s curse and exact their revenge.”

I’ll definitely play it, but it feels like the publishers are banking really hard on the gimmick to push Demon Throttle to the masses. And hey, I’m currently sitting in a queue waiting to spend money on one, so I guess it worked. I only hope the folks behind this throwback are planning on a digital version down the road, if only for preservation purposes.

Demon Throttle is scheduled for release in 2022.

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