Here’s Everything Devolver Digital Announced At E3 2021

Here’s Everything Devolver Digital Announced At E3 2021
Image: YouTube (Devolver Digital)

After a string of skits including knucklefuck nutkicks and jibes about gamers not even really enjoying the games they buy these days, Devolver continued their usual anti-E3 conference service with Nina Struthers and a string of titles including Shadow Warrior 3, INSCRYPTION, TREK TO YOMI and more.

Before Devolver’s usual skits began, new footage of Shadow Warrior 3 played. It showcased a lot of its dash and move-style combat that’s reminiscent of Doom Eternal: picking weapons for different enemies, zoning others out, and dodging environmental horrors.

Shadow Warrior hits PC and consoles sometime this year.

Set around the idea of MaxPass+ and Nina Struthers being fed grapes by two absolute units, Devolver then began proceedings by showcasing Trek to Yomi. Due out on all major platforms (sans Switch) next year, it’s a monochromatic, cinematic title about a lone samurai.

The Brisbane-made Phantom Abyss followed, with a reminder that the procedurally generated, boulder/laser/spike dodging experience will be hitting Early Access on June 22.

Wizard With A Gun then showcased its take on co-op survival sandbox gameplay, although it’s more twin-stick shooter than twin-stick spellcasting. Players get to design bullets and weapons as you continually build up your tower. It’s due out next year for PC and consoles.

Death’s Door, which aired during the Day of the Devs showcase on Friday, then got a new gameplay trailer. Same deal as before: it’s a sharp, tight action platformer from the makers of Titan Souls with a style and vibe fans of Hades will appreciate.

Death’s Door is launching on PC and all Xbox consoles on July 20.

The maker of Pony Island then returned with a game eerily reminiscent of Hand of Fate. There’s a lot of cards, some exploration in a creepy hut, some bizarre, freakish dealer with hands, escape room-style puzzles and … some VHS footage?

It’s due out sometime this year.

Next up was Devolver Tumble Time, a physics-based puzzler featuring characters from previous Devolver titles.

The full description is a lot:

Devolver Tumble Time is the future of physics-based puzzle gameplay, elegant monetization, and strategic brand integration. Choose characters from a packed roster of your favorite Devolver Digital games and rack up big points matching and clearing their impossibly adorable heads from the tumbler. Get hyped enough and unleash each character’s special ability to clear huge chunks and earn power-ups to create chaotic chain reactions. Then maybe watch some entertaining ads because nothing is ever really free.

It’ll be out on mobiles sometime this year.

Demon Throttle was then announced as a physical-only release next year. From the makers of Gato RobotoDemon Throttle is a co-op platformer with an exceptionally strong NES vibe (with the aspect ratio to match).

It seemed like a piss take initially, but the advertisement wasn’t a joke: Demon Throttle will only be sold as a physical game through Special Reserve Games.

To watch the full showcase and the skits in between — which are really the best part of Devolver’s event — you can watch the whole event below.

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