Everything Announced During Devolver Direct 2020

Everything Announced During Devolver Direct 2020
Screenshot: Devolver Digital
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In lieu of E3, the folks at Devolver Digital shared their latest nightmare look at the world of video games through a special “direct” presentation today. Here’s everything they showed off.

We got an extended look at Shadow Warrior 3. As expected, it’s very bloody. It will be available in 2021.

Massively multiplayer online party game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is coming to PlayStation 4 and Steam on August 4.

Carrion, which is essentially like playing The Thing as The Thing, heads to Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on July 23.

SonicFox made an appearance because why not.

Screenshot: Devolver Digital Screenshot: Devolver Digital

Nina Struthers’ very sweaty uncle from Nintendo revealed the latest gossip about Tom Nook (into the federal government for 600 large in unpaid taxes), Yoshi (did a nickel for possession with intent and formed a prison gang), and Kirby (divorced). But I guess we’re getting a Pikmin battle royale game in 2023, which is nice.

Oh, and this neat-looking Olija game is now available on Nintendo Switch and Steam. [Correction 4:51 PM: Olija is coming out this fall on Switch and PC. However, there is a playable demo out today on Steam.]

Here’s more gameplay from Serious Sam 4. It will be on Steam and Stadia in August with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases scheduled for 2021.

Devolverland Expo, a first-person “marketing simulator,” is now available for free on Steam. Look like a playable commercial for upcoming games with Devolver Digital’s usual flair for the absurd. I hope Nina is there.

Well, we did it. We made it through another Devolver Digital presentation. Go hug your family. Be well.


  • Shadow Warrior 3 looks good, as expected.
    Played the demo of Carrion and just didnt find it to be very fun.
    Serious Sam 4 looks like complete garbage. Real shame the series has gone down hill..

    • I’m all for loot and upgrades, but I’m hoping they fix (or remove) the terrible loot system they had in SW2.

      Also hoping it’s less bullet spongey.

      • They’ve said that they want to go back to what made the original good, so it’s probably safe to say the loot-shooter mechanics are gone, or at least significantly downplayed.

        • Trailer defo gave me Doom Eternal vibs more than anything. Mind you, I have only seen Doom Eternal trailers… lol

    • SS4 looks closer to what I’d want from the series than 3 did, but it does really seem that CroTeam lost the silly, colourful personality somewhere along the line

  • I’ve been hungry from Carrion ever since I played the demo. It’s low-key one of my top 10 most anticipated for 2020.

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