Rewatch Devolver's E3 2018 Conference Here

If you're not done with the craziness of E3 yet, why not spend some time with Devolver's ... conference? If that's appropriate.

Devolver carried on the joke from last year, with Nina Struthers using a range of skits to take the piss out of E3, retro consoles, fans, and the games industry in general. Not all of the jokes landed, but the whole shtick is only about 21 minutes long.

Only a handful of games were shown off, including the Western re-release of METAL WOLF CHAOS XD. SCUM and My Friend Pedro got some airtime as well, and you can see their trailers below.


    That was straight up the weirdest shit I have ever fucking seen.

    I am so looking forward to investing my life savings in LootBoxCoin.

    The Metal Wolf Chaos announcement was well received in this house, too.

    E3 has been pretty great so far. Xbox, Bethesda & Devolver had really good conferences, but the EA one has been the only letdown.

    Nina Struthers gives me a crazy fear boner.

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