If Overwatch Was Cyberpunk

Overwatch has its share of hackers and robots and pink neon signs, but with its blue skies and cheery spirit it's not exactly what you'd call cyberpunk. So artist Ching Yeh decided to fix that.

His series of illustrations depict some of the usually-chipper heroes as grim warriors of a sad cyberpunk/anime future, and what they lose in smiles they more than make up for by looking like absolute badarses.

If Blizzard were to ever offer these as official skins, I'd 100 per cent support the move and try to get some by playing non-stop for a week. Before stopping again when I only unlock some Symmetra quotes and a Soldier 76 spray.

[Ching Yeh]


    This isn't cyber punk at all. Throwing a robot mask on a character does not make it cyber punk.

      Yeah they look a lot like the characters in Duelyst, which is not cyber-punk at all.

    Artist likes Evangelion a lot

      Evangelion, Bubblegum Crises, Appleseed, Ghost in a shell. these are more Anime than Cyberpunk.

    This is terrifying. Every character seems to be just, broken. D.va looks like she's just watched her family die and can't process the information.

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