Poll: Ten Anime And Manga With The Most Unhappy Endings Ever 

Not everything turns out like you hope it does. Not life, not manga, and certainly not anime.

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Goo Ranking conducted this poll last month, asking 500 people in Japan (a 50/50 split between men and women) to list anime with "miserably" bad endings. Below you can see the top 10.

This article doesn't have spoilers, but folks in the comments might chime in as to why they think these were selected.

10. Death Note

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8. School Days*

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*School Days and the entry below received the same number of votes, hence the two number eights.

8. Space Warrior Baldios

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7. A Dog of Flanders

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6. Fullmetal Alchemist

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5. Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato

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4. Phoenix

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3. The Rose of Versailles

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2. Space Runaway Ideon

1. Grave of the Fireflies

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Of course Grave of the Fireflies is first. Of course! It's one of the saddest movies ever made. But you'll be interested to know that the number two choice, Space Runaway Ideon, lost by only six votes.


    Ah School Days, such a good anime.

    First anime I saw where being indecisive in a harem genre had horrible, horrible consequences.

      Just read the synopsis.

      Holy. Shit.

        JESUS CHRIST!!!! That is.... fucked up.

        EDIT: I posted this before I got to the end. What the actual fuck. I'm done.

        Last edited 08/12/16 11:02 am

    Lol. Watch berserk

      More like "This is so horrifying, I think I'll step into the path of a moving bus to wake myself up from this dream. It's just a dream, right? RIGHT?"

    Unhappy Endings...

    No mention of Plastic Memories, or Anohana, or Death Parade... Well I guess to each their own.

    Does the original FMA count when the OVA movie rectified the sad ending?

    Clannad?, really no clannad

      Damn, i loved Clannad!
      Yes it had a very very brutal chapter in the story but the ending itself wasnt unhappy.
      Good pick though

    Death note? I'm worried for anyone who thinks the ending was sad.

    Death Note has a sad ending? How? The ending's straight out of Greek Tragedy (antagonist is undone by his own hubris and pays the ultimate price).

    Apparently 500 people in Japan never saw Air or Clannad either.

      Air fucking ruined me, as my first exposure to 'sad ending' anime.
      I still refuse to watch Clannad, as I hear it's even worse. I also noped right the fuck out of Plastic Memories after the first episode and I could see exactly where that was going to fucking go.

        I'd argue that Air is worse. Clannad plays out similarly but it's much more protracted.

    Can't argue that "Grave of Fireflies" is also my top 1. I would put "Shigatsu wa kimi no uso" (Your lie in april) in second though. :,)

    Yeh, I will +1 on Grave of Fireflies
    Bloody harsh but a brilliant movie

    How does Full Metal Alchemist make this list. Everything is fine and Dandy at the end, sure you lose a few side characters along the way but that's part of a good story. I don't get this at all.

      Which one are you talking about though panther? The first anime series, or brotherhood which follows the original manga? They have very different endings :B Also the ending of the first anime series without the OVA is relatively sad considering the brothers get split up.

        OH, I haven't seen the first, only brotherhood.

          Gotcha. So Brotherhood, best ending imo. In the original series when they Maes Hughes story finishes *cough*, the story splits as the manga wasn't finished at that point. So the original anime series ends very very differently. Like... I can't sum it up because it takes a totally different line than brotherhood :P Suffice to say Edward ends up in 1930s Germany in a parallel world, and Alphonse gets his body back, there's no father just another evil person... it's all a bit crazy :P

            Haha righto, I might watch it

              Still a great series, but definitely a vastly different experience to the original manga.

    Uh? No Saikano? I'd put it up there right with GotF.

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