Pixel_Ghost nailed it in one (after the second hint, anyway). It was Chaos Engine on the SNES, although the initial hint was actually from the Amiga version.

But onto today's game!

Good luck!


    I would say A Boy and His Blob, but the boy is a bit chubbier than I would expect for that :P

    Boy and his Blob

    Lemmings 8 - Bald and Overweight edition.

    Boy and his blob?

      I was going to guess that earlier, but the umbrella in Boy and his Blob is plain white with the Blob's eyes visible, not striped.

    Lemmings 2: The Tribes? :P

      Actually the style is more reminiscent of "A New World of Lemmings" (aka Lemmings 3)

    Mary Poppins: The Musical: The Game?

    Are multiple guesses allowed? Because I just looked at the tree, and remembered Christmas Lemmings existed.

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