The New Transformers Movie Is Exactly What You’d Expect

The New Transformers Movie Is Exactly What You’d Expect
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Given that Michael Bay is still directing Transformers movies, there’s a good chance you already know how batshit this trailer will be before you finish reading the sentence.

The basic idea is that Optimus Prime and Marky Mark are making tracks to Cybertron. It’s supposedly a soft reboot of the franchise, with The Last Knight exploring two different timelines and just how the Transformers ended up splitting into factions.

I’m still waiting for the Transformers movies to regain the charm and cheek that the original film in 2007 had. I’m not getting my hopes up, but we’ll see on June 27 next year whether Bay has managed to make the films a little more likeable.


  • I’m looking forward to not watching this movie after the last couple of duds. First movie was really good, the rest…complete shite.

    • The rest of the movies followed the same damned plot of No.2 over and over again..

      Step 1 “Tell Autobots to piss off coz we can’t trust them and if they leave obviously the Decepticons will leave as well!”
      Step 2 “Decepticons don’t leave (er mah gawd! wotta shock!) and reck face
      Step 3 “Autobots come back and reck Decepticon face… and go I hope you ppl have learnt your lesson!”
      Step 4 “Peace reigns… and humanity promptly derps and goes nope haven’t learnt shet piss off Autobots! Repeat Step 2 onwards”

  • The first one did have some charm, but I’m still reeling at how utterly crap the last one was. We live in hope.

    BTW…is that Unicron???

    • I was thinking the same thing.. Is it Unicron or is it Cybertron? Guess I may have to watch it to find out (which is sad…).

    • It’s been rumoured that is the remains of Cybertron after TF3.

      And everyone knows Excalibur will be the macguffin that fixes everything at the end of this movie.

    • Looks like it is, apparently Hot Rod’s in it too. Sounds like around the time of the last film someone told Bay about the 80’s film and he learnt of a bunch of new characters to ruin.

  • Is that Anthony Hopkins and Emily Blunt?
    In addition to Marky Mark and Josh Dumal?

    My god, surely they aren’t all that hard up for a paycheck.

  • I am yet to see the last one, and as this seems/sounds like a direct continuation with how the last ended, I may skip this one too… Shame, as the completely stupid idea of Transformers at King Arthurs court, and also fighting/being Nazi’s, is strangely appealing.

  • A soft reboot?
    So we’re now rebooting current franchises with the same director. Is he saying his movies were not that good so he needs to reboot his own work?

    • Worse, it’s a soft reboot one movie after the series’ last soft reboot. He’s not going to change his formula, he just likes pissing on every piece of work that he makes.

  • all they need are zombies and i think they covered everything

    I mean it kind of feels like someone woke up one day and went “you know what, people really love King Arthur, giant robots and Nazis, let’s make a movie!”

  • “I’m still waiting for the Transformers movies to regain the charm and cheek that the original film in 2007 had.”

    Holy crap, have these movies declined so much further that we’re now remembering the first onewith /fondness/? Daaamn son.

  • Gave up on these movies after the 2nd one. Someone talented please take over this series so we don’t have to suffer through any more Michael Bay turds.

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