Battleborn’s Big Winter Update Might Get A Couple Dozen More People Playing

Battleborn’s Big Winter Update Might Get A Couple Dozen More People Playing
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Battleborn‘s massive Winter Update drops today, bringing massive changes to Gearbox’s game, including full access to the game’s 25 launch characters, new training modes and enhanced UI and 4K support for PS4 Pro. All that, plus the game’s third story DLC and fifth free character.

Before we get to the big changes, let’s meet Beatrix, the fifth and final free DLC character for Battleborn. She’s the one in the picture at the top of the article. She’s a medical professional. Isn’t she sweet?

No. No she is not.

Beatrix will be available for unlock today for season pass holders, with non-holders able to pick her up via hero key or in-game currency next week.

Also dropping today, free for season pass holders, is the third of five promised premium story DLC missions, Oscar Mike Versus The Battle School. It looks lovely.

But the big news today is the rest of the Winter Update, which changes the way various aspects of Battleborn work. For example, once the update is released today, players will no longer have to work their way through unlocking all 25 of the game’s launch characters. If you haven’t unlocked them all, now you have. If you’re new to the game, you’ll have them all available from the get go.

Completing the character challenges that once unlocked characters now rewards players with special skins for each hero. Characters that were unlocked with keys will have those keys returned to the player.

Players will finally be able to test out characters in a training-friendly environment in the Dojo, battling waves of minions while learning the ropes. A new Incursion tutorial will prepare players for PVP with a single-player battle followed by a repeatable mission for groups of up to three.

PVP players can now exercise their power with the game’s Draft Mode, allowing for picking and banning characters in private and public matches.

The user interface gets a much-needed overhaul, making it cleaner and easier to follow. Main quests and daily quests give players new reasons to hop on and play. Command and Character rank caps have been upped to 150 and 20 respectively. Players will accrue in-game credits faster.

On top of all of that, the Winter Update adds a 4K, 30 frames per second option for the PlayStation 4 Pro, with 1080p, 60 frames per second available on Xbox One, Xbox One S and PlayStation 4.

You can read more about the Battleborn Winter Update over at the game’s official website. The update will be going live at 9:00AM AEDT. Expect a tiny flood of new and returning players to arrive soon after.


  • Well this is mostly good news for new players. I’m not sure how other regions are performing with playerbase and connectivity but this game sure is struggling in Australia on both fronts, couple that with the fact the devs don’t want to acknowledge these issues that have been brought up time and time again on the gearbox forums. What little hope I had for this game has almost disappeared. To the new players in regions with no issues, enjoy…..the game is loads of fun

  • Great game. Hard to get back into without getting destroyed hopefully new update helps that. I think this game was one of the best and most overlooked last year. Ill definitely give it another go. Having all characters unlocked is a good move as I found progression extremely slow. Cant wait to boot it back up. If your on the fence about it give it a shot, I have seen it going for bargain prices everywhere.

  • Picked it up on Steam a while back on special, spent 25min in a queue trying to find a game, gave up, uninstalled, refunded.

  • Dead game ?

    Although PC is in a different situation, PS4 and Xbox One are pretty healthy.
    I haven’t had to wait more than 3min to get a PvP game over the last few months.

    Hopefully this update will bring in more players and let them get a hang of the game with training mode.

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