Counter-Strike Pro Is Godlike With His Starter USP

Snax after one of his usual clutch plays.

Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski is a beast with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's silencer pistol, and a recent match at the WESG 2016 CS:GO Finals proves it.

Virtus.Pro's Snax is routinely one of the best players currently in the game, known in part for his prowess with the USP-S, CS:GO's version of the previous game's USP. It's a pistol reserved for the counter-terrorist side, and in his team's 2-0 win over Dark Passage earlier in the tournament, Snax showed that it's all a top-tier player needs in order to destroy the other side.

With one player already down on the other side, Snax steps up and, as if he heard it when the announcer called said "now for the USB master," kills the other team after only emptying nine from the gun's chamber.

It's reminiscent of the last time he left fans and analysts. In a 1v4 at last year's ESL One in New York, Snax sealed the deal against Natus Vincere despite being outnumbered and alone. Even if Virtus.Pro didn't go one to win the tournament, Snax's play wouldn't soon be forgotten.

You can watch the full clip of his most recent exploits with the USP-S here. Virtus.Pro is currently set to face Team Kinguin in the semifinals of WESG 2016 later tonight.


    Geeze, that's a face you'd love to repeatedly punch.

      Yep - that pose looks like: "F**k you your dead" or possibly "I don't even need my mouse hand"

      It's pretty meme-ripe...

        "When you sprinkle salt on your enemies" Amidoinitrite?

    can people please stop using the word "Godlike" in this gaming sense, seriously all those Overwatch pro uploaders on youtube use it so much it has lost all meaning. Everyone and everything lately is "OMG, this person has talent, quick lets call him Godlike"

      Is this a throwback to original Torny? The announcer would eventually say 'Godlike' I think after a 25-kill-streak.

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