Further Proof Dark Souls Is Amazing

There are many good reasons to love the Dark Souls series, and From Software games in general, but perhaps atop that list is an incredible sense for detail. And a commitment to that detail.

This video shows just how committed From Software is to the worlds they create.

If you haven't heard of Off Camera Secrets, oh boy. Do I have a treat for you.

Off Camera Secrets is a newish YouTube series that detaches cameras in famous video games and goes exploring to find the assets that didn't make it into the final game. Usually it'll show off some of the tricks developers use to save processing power, occasionally it'll find some cool secrets.

This time round Off Camera Secrets is covering Dark Souls 3. The astounding part of this video, for me, was the amount of detail From Software put into buildings in the far off distance — the team treated those buildings and that architecture with almost as much care as the stuff that's close to the player.

This is very cool indeed. Dark Souls is very cool.


    I loathe the gameplay of Souls, but LOVE the lore and story.

    Have been watching Lets Plays by Two Best Friends and its been amazing learning about the world.

      i was the same, and then i finally fucking beat dark souls 3 and i fell in love

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