John Carmack Doesn’t Think Much Of Macs

The legendary Quake programmer might have had a hand in making sure the Quake 3 test was playable on Macs, but John Carmack doesn’t think a whole lot of the Mac platform.

If you haven’t been keeping track, Carmack has been dragged into a lawsuit recently. It’s part of the broader case filed by Zenimax – the parent company of developer and publisher Bethesda – against Oculus, the same case that also drew a testy exchange out of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

That was all well and good, but things have gotten a lot more fun since Carmack took the stand. According to UploadVR, who has been attending the case in person, Carmack spent part of this week explaining fun things like what the BFG in the BFG3000 means.

That’s Big Fucking Gun, by the way.

Carmack is generally a deadpan kind of guy, and UploadVR’s reporter must have had a blast listening to him rebuff various questions from lawyers. But perhaps none of the exchanges would have been as good as when Carmack was asked about a Macbook:

One line of questioning asked whether Carmack knew about a “secret meeting” in a hotel room with Oculus co-founders Nate Mitchell and Palmer Luckey, to which Carmack responded “No I didn’t, it was a secret.” A MacBook was brought up during questioning as well, with the lawyer asking why it was never wiped, with Carmack responding: “I am not a Mac user unless under duress.”

The case between Zenimax, Oculus and Facebook is scheduled to conclude next week with a jury verdict. We’ll let you know what the decision is as soon as it’s handed down.

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