Sean Spicer Is A Fan Of Katsucon


Katsucon, one of the biggest anime and cosplay conventions in the United States, has a surprise fan and former attendee (at least outside the resort): embattled White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

Given his recent rise to infamy, folks have been digging through Spicer's old tweets, and found these from 2013 (if you're wondering about the hashtags, Katsucon is held just outside Washington, at the Gaylord Resort and Convention Center in National Harbour, Maryland):

I'm going to guess formally for the purposes of this serious news story that since the tweet was made on Spicer's phone that he's the one taking the picture.

For my personal purposes though, I'm going to hold out hope he's the one in the Gundam suit.


    Are these alternative facts though?

    Is Sean Spicer secretly a weeaboo?

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    Gundam him, he's a menace.
    I bet I can work out his favourite faction in the Gundam series.

    "Embattled"... isn't it, what, day 2 of this administration? That any single member can be "embattled" in such a short time frame speaks to several possibilities. 1) The working relationship that the White House needs with members of the press gallery has already dissolved. 2) The incompetence of the new administration knows no boundary. Or 3) Both.

      This is a fucking Simpsons parody of a world turned reality where fuckface von clownstick actually made it into office; the walking, (slurred) talking avatar of naked greed, selfishness, and unashamed, barefaced lies.

      But a few of the things reported aren't quite fair. Like the accusation the whitehouse website was being used to promote Melania Trump's jewellery line. The actual story is that the website's bio page for Melania mentioned she had a jewellery line/brand through QVC, which has since been discontinued (long before the web-site reference went up). So it wasn't being used for promotional purposes, just biographical purposes. It was still taken down to avoid even the appearance of impropriety (which is an appropriate response).

      Truth's gotta work both ways. he cake thing's a bit iffy (IP law as applies to cakes is pretty uncommon ground outside of people posting pictures of trademarks made in cake-form), but the creator of Obama's inauguration cake posted a tweet saying he considered the copy to be a great compliment and that the reproduction was a great job, group hugs for all. (ie: No lawsuit incoming.)

      And it's not like the Trumps acting like unfeeling human-impersonating robots compared to the personable, comfortable, affectionate Obamas is really fair to count as anything other than media snark.

      The only real 'embattling' piece so far is the Press Secretary's open admission that lies are considered acceptable 'alternate facts', indicating that we're probably going to see a LOT of lies coming out of this administration which go unacknowledged even when proven false.

    It's hardly news that a reality-denying objectivist libertarian is a weeaboo.

      He only became his Press Secretary because Trump promised to make lolicon real. :(

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