Some Of 2016’s Best Cosplay In Motion

Some Of 2016’s Best Cosplay In Motion

While I‘ve already rounded up the absolute best cosplay of 2016, that was mostly a collection of static images. And I’m just one guy in Australia. Mineralblu went to most of the big cons in the US (and some beyond), and took his video camera with him.

The video below covers 14 conventions from America and Japan, listed in chronological order (there’s a full list of the cons under the vid if you want to see where each was).

1. PAX South – San Antonio, Texas

2. Katsucon – National Harbour, Maryland

3. Anime Matsuri – Houston, Texas

4. C2E2 – Chicago, Illinois

5. Momocon – Atlanta, Georgia

6. Colossalcon – Sandusky, Ohio

7. Comicpalooza – Houston, Texas

8. Anime Expo – Los Angeles, California

9. San Diego Comic Con – San Diego, California

10. Dragon Con – Atlanta, Georgia

11. New York Comic Con – New York City, New York

12. Onicon – Galveston, Texas

13. Blizzcon – Anaheim, California

14. Holiday Matsuri – Orlando, Florida


  • I’m not entirely sure how this works. “14 cons from the US and Japan” where all 14 listed are just US conventions.

    I find it hard to take any cosplay conventions lists seriously if they don’t include the twice yearly Comiket. There are usually a lot of fantastic outfits, and since it’s live it avoids the perils of overphotoshopping.

  • japan was at the 3 minute mark
    I am curious, all these wonderful talented people look like they have such a professional style, does this potentially turn people off of cosplaying because one thinks that their costume could never look that good?
    I know that certain costumes lend themselves to simple designs (lego for instance ) but i have always wanted to dress as one of my childhood heros in Xena (well Gabrielle in truth but in order to be Gabrielle as a sidecick one still kind of needs Xena) . But i look at all these costumes, especially the recent Overwatch ones, I just don’t think my talent extends that far to do Xena proud.
    what does one do in these instances?

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